Confirmed Homosexual's on TOTSE

MayberryMayberry Regular
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Sad as it is it appears we have homosexual's on totse. I will do us all a favor and list the people on totse who I can confirm are indeed homosexual's. Please add to this list if I missed any

chompchompchomsky = gay
Amie = lesbian
BigBear = gay
DirtySanchez = gay


:mad:ijuana = gay
abrn = gay and butthurt and also makes heartfelt internet apologies
AlbinoEthiopian = gay
Blunderful = gay
bornkiller = ghey
culinaryoverlord = gay
Dfg = gay with camels
Dysgraphia = gay
fanglekai = gay
FingerBlaster = gay
Gary Oak = gay
Habaner0 = questionable
Helladamnleet = gay douche
HTS-Noob = fluorescently gay
Icee Weiner = gay
Kamuy = gay
Katzenklavier = gay
LMS = obese faggotorial rapist
Mayberry = used to be gay
Namaste = not on beach
Pacino = gay
SLIM = HXC anurkist which=gay
spazz = gay white knight for fatties
stres = gay


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