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  • stompwurfgurfshead
    hello, shout out enso! wurf-puke shut the fuck up/ you just climb out of prison and come on to this site like you are GOD. Fuck YOU!!! i haven't commented and been reading a while now. i don't give a prison rats ass where enso is getting his sources, so go back to inferior you twit. i appreciate your effort to make the process safe and understandable as possible enso! so know that there are people that aren't the negative-nancy types out here. i hate creeps at every place i ever worked there is one that has to cause strife and dissension.--- couple ?'S enso only please: i did everything close to your write-up, but feel that the water washes is where i lost the suzy #1} can instead of waterwashing the fuel so many times, separate and secure the RXN, water wash twice, then evaporate, get the product in filter. then crystallize then worry about cleansing say like anhydrous acetone wash. then recrystallize to purify. #2} what is the purpose for anhydrous iso. thanks Enso for caring.
    March 16
    • dean45
      Thanks enso? U fucking got to be kidding me .tou just as dumb as he is ......or maybe u are enso....anyways you retarded .