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  • I took a Suboxone earlier. :facepalm:
  • Bump for the people who wonder if tramadol comes up in drug tests (I know I'm not the only one). Update: I got fired a week later. So much for that.
  • fatty mcNUTS,bitch.
  • He put it in his foreskin?! Maybe he was trying to create a new version of colon rollin'... :confused:
  • Thanks guys. You were right. I got mah jorb! :D ...but I do wish I knew if that was because the Tramadol won't show up in the standard instant pee test... ...or if it was because the 3 days I had in between was long enough for it to clear out of my system. ...AND I wish I knew if it's a hit or miss whether it causes a…
  • You're a badass. :thumbsup:
  • ...it will give you a serious tummyache though. Ick.
  • everybody's always been pretty different on how they like Tramadol. In my case, fuck xanax, fuck weed... Tramadol & hydrocodone are the only things that *really* get me through when I'm wanting an OC and can't have it. :D
  • Y'know what? that is exactly why I stopped smoking. not only am i critical of myself and think way too much in a negative light... but I'm critical of others. Not intentionally. It's just that in the mindset, I could be hanging out with my favorite person and the things they say/do - I'll laugh at, but inside i'm…
  • ..........yeah! D:
  • I lol'd. Anyway dexing, damn, I missed you... you need to post more. D: 'cause apparently you're not as respected a member of the community as you used to be. awh. I used to be on here as ClarissaDXM back when I did that shit...before I discovered pills... :sad: I think I had another username also but I forgot it. Nobody…
  • Oh yeah and cheese sticks are cool too.
  • Some cereal for breakfast. Maybe a bagel too if I'm super hungry. Some kinda microwave food or a frozen pizza for dinner. I might have like, some pineapple with cheese for a snack if we actually have food. Sometimes for dinner I'll end up eating breakfast food, like cheesegrits and toast. ...that's it. =/
  • I want you guys's food. D:
  • Well, that makes her a nasty bitch and a buttslut. :thumbsup:
  • a) i did it once, "properly", and I definitely did not love it. It was weird and felt mentally and physically just...incorrect. b) Why would I want that when I can get off either of those ways WITHOUT having a dick in my asshole? :confused:
  • ..jjust kidding. curiosity got the better of me, guess it isn't bullshit. hm.
  • I'll take that as a yes.
  • it's like that one black chick said on Cheaters that one time... "That shit might feel good to yo little dick but it ain't feel good to me!" buttsex a) gross b) gross c) hurts d) unnatural e) dehumanizing f) i'm pretty sure girls CAN'T have an orgasm there g) when have you EVER thought it was hott when somebody was talking…
  • Um... I kinda like it. =/ ...it smells like green giant canned corn though. x]
  • ...is this one of those "made you look, dumbass" things? :(
  • AHAHAHA ...anyway I'd probably do drugs til I accidentally OD'd 'cause I'm scared of going to hell for intentional suicide. But there's no way I'm stickin' around for 50+ years with no human interaction. No amount of drugs could make that tolerable for more than a week's time. and yeah... pretty much all power would just…
  • Just sayin'.
  • Go to your local CVS. Tell them you have dia-beetus.
  • haha okay cool so I was right on track, I read everybody's reply and was like "God damn I need to get my mind out of the gutter, he's not talkin about FUCKIN pills!" if they're 5's, take all of them bitches. 10's, take like, 4. 7.5's, hope you're good at math. ^_^
  • I'd buy chargers from you if they're only 1-2 bucks apeice, since all I've found is tanks, for like, $50?! But yeah, that beats the hell out of paying $3 just for a can of whipped cream. ...then again, that's only because I don't enjoy smoking weed. I only do hydros and oxies... which are pretty expensive so if i could…
  • Yeah, no shit; here in North Central FL, that's where most all of my dealers get their shit from; Tampa. Sometimes a little bit north of it. Be my guest if you wanna fund me a trip to the doc, with the chance that I won't get anything perscribed. Yeah, I'm not getting my ass beat by somebody who paid $200 for me to see a…
  • I'd be "leeching" off of the system at the moment either way. My fiance works his ass off for a company that doesn't pay him half what the work he does is worth. I'm paying my dues in life by working my way through school the second I find a job, and eventually after I'm done busting my ass in college, I'm going to be in a…
  • See, I don't *need* "references" or "background information" to back myself up because you lack logic as it is and I don't feel the need to compete with you when I'm not threatened by your argument. I could find just as much researched information against your point as you could find for it, and we would only go in a…
  • Not that there's any reason for defending my case in this thread, but.... The person I'm pregnant by is the same person I've been in a relationship with for 2 years, dude. We're engaged and would be married but have made the choice not to at the moment since I get more benefits for myself (i.e. in college) and my daughter…
  • You're so much better since you.... o.o Oh wait you DO keep coming back and trying to get the last word. :sad:
  • I'll try to take that as a compliment...thanks... I think. (And I'm not "another 16 and pregnant chick"). Could you actually tell -me- where it's written down that you don't get somebody a box of turds for Christmas? I'm curious. See... I don't think it's written down in the scriptures, but it's just kind of common sense,…
  • Let's say your mother can either give you $20 (which you could buy booze, weed, gas, whatever you need, with)... or she could buy you an 8-track that (for some reason) is priced at $20. You've already told her, "Instead of a gift, please just give me the cash, I really don't want gifts". So of course, she goes out and buys…
  • fml yarly. And you weren't there on my christmas mornin, dude. I -did- say thank you and I made very sure to grin & bear it. Yeah, she wanted to get me a few extra things so I wouldn't just have cash. But that's out of her own selfishness because why? Because *she* doesn't believe in only giving cash on Christmas and…
  • Oh, also, you = ignorant. Many, MANY women enjoy and seek out sexual encounters. And my fiance is broke as all fucking hell, making minimum wage, part time, and he's been nailin' me since before he even had a job so your logic sucks, man.
  • *raises hand* I'm a woman. :) And you, sirs, are the cunts. :fap: The "weaker sex"? You guys can't even wipe your own asses or pick your nasty-ass socks up off the floor half the time, hah. Laaame!
  • $200. A $10 gift card to a store I haven't shopped at since I was 12. A $20 gift card to a Mexican restaurant. Tinkerbell hairclips. Charm bracelets that are not my style at all. Face wash.Candy. Pencils. Crayons. Two plastic pencil sharpeners. Nail files. A little bit of makeup. Cheap hair dye that I already know will not…
  • A big ol' pile of roxy 30's would've been nice. 4 of them split between me and my fiance worked just fine though. :) Also, ecstasy woulda been pretty sweet if I was in the condition to be "allowed" to do it this Christmas.
  • Shit, the cheapest I've *ever* bought for was $12. $15's a good deal. I've heard they're down south for $6, and up in Kentucky for $35!!! O_O
  • Yeah... I know the drill, "Tits or GTFO". 'preciate it, sorry, I forgot. :sad:
  • For sure. Am I not that behind the times on coming back? (When did the site get back up? =] )