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  • Nah, my pediatrician said that it was a top-notch place. I'll post back about it when I get back, in case anyone's wondering :confused:
  • Ya, I completely agree with the whole self-diagnosis problem, but that's not to discourage at least looking into problems you suspect you may be having. You sure as hell shouldn't assume you have a disorder, just because you fit some of the criteria, but it's a good push towards talking to your doctor about it. You can't…
  • Ya, I talked to the doc about it while my mom was in the room, so she knows about the depression, I guess. I left my dad out, because he's a douchebag, which my doctor said in nicer words, hinting that it might be the source of the problem, though I doubt it. I got a referral for an "Adolescent Medicine" clinic. Anyone…
  • I've got The Essence of Christianity by Ludwig Feuerbach shipping through UPS right now. Anyone know if it's a good read? I wanted something philosophically and theologically oriented, so I picked this out while looking through some 19th century literature. It's a critique of religion, written by an atheist and a…
  • Thanks culinaryoverlord and mashlehash, for your warning on the dangers of self-diagnosis. It was not until I did a little research online did I find the words to describe my problems. Though I could probably never go to my parents for help with the first two problems, I may be able to snag an appointment with a good…
  • The way I take that, is that there aren't many rental places out there anymore. I have no idea what's out there, I live in a rural town, and I don't get out much. Or, is it still a possibility?
    in DVD Rentals? Comment by Gelid July 2011
  • I'd never heard of him until now. Sucks to be him. Gelid is a word that means icy; extremely cold. I chose it for reasons obvious to me.
  • No need to dispose of the body; just don't leave any evidence.