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  • Those are some very well thought out rants and all, but I'm still getting laid and having fun. I fail to see the issue. If she fucks around, dumps me or whatever, then I find another one? Rinse repeat til one sticks? That's how life goes.
  • That'd be my ex. We broke up like 3 years ago. New GF is superior.
  • I know.
  • Yeah, pretty much. More awesome than you anyway. :thumbsup: Why, you're nothing but a SHIT MUSTACHE.
  • I have a girlfriend, a job, and I'm going to school. I'm not exactly exploring space or anything, but it's enough for now. Yes. I am a man of many appearances. Fat ginger goblin, cute... semi... trappish... thing, and SEXY STUD. Aye, that was fucking win. I've posted more on than zoklet recently. I havent posted…
  • I'd explain foreign exchange programs first. After the week was up, I'd go with the alien. After that I'd uhh... well shit, I'd show it the internet. Wikipedia. I'd show it movies. I'd play it some music. Some classical. Something with soul. Fuck. Then I'd play it some rock. Some rap. Some metal. I'd show it paintings. I…
  • For the record I'm not complaining about lack of activity. Hell, I'm not even complaining. I don't give two shits, or even one, about this site.
  • I'm not going to force myself to come up with content to better the site. That's the stupid shit that made this place unbearable when I left. I post what I want. When I was here, people were posting what they thought other people wanted. I'm not here to generate discussion, I'm here to post. Fuck. Good posting doesn't…
  • Don't you know it! I'm so fucking... SERIOUS, MAN. ARGH. Many people do. It's called ADD. Or... ADHD. Why do you bring this up? Stop derailing my thread. If you want to discuss ADD/ADHD, make your own thread in the appropriate forum. :p
  • Best place to preach from my man. You look like you're intimidated by my awesomeness.
  • O RLY? I'm tired. It's like 1:30am.
  • Spend my time? I just got home from work and decided to check in after a 3 month absence. I don't spend my time doing that. I spend my time doing things I enjoy. In this case, laughing at ad hominem after ad hominem as you losers try to defend your pathetic existences.
  • That was I'm not putting totse down. I'm putting this piece of shit down. I wish I was doing it like one would a dog, but I guess trash talk will suffice. Even still why aren't I in a position to? Because... 5, nearly 6 years ago I made an epic thread? Because almost 6 years ago I made whoopie with a…
  • Haha, weak. You can't even deny it you faggot. I'm not crying. I'm LAUGHING. You're just too blind to see it. Or too retarded. Either way really.
  • >registered in JULY >last showed up in NOVEMBER 2 weeks? My ass. 4 months more like. I left because you faggots were so goddamn fake. You were trying to market TOTSE on fucking TWITTER. You were advertising us everywhere and your "totse spirit" became something akin to "COMPANY PRIDE". I don't want to work in the…
  • I'm planning on it. Christ you people are pissy though. Lighten the fuck up, will you?
  • Considering the first 4 usernames I saw were Katzen, Marijuanasaurus, and DirtySanchez, and Dfg... I'm guessing YES, it is the same old circle jerk. It's equal parts sad and funny. Exactly the same as when I left it damn near 3 months ago. Seriously though, has anything interesting happened since I left?
  • *stays put* Wanna fight about it?
  • Nothing. I'm scary enough as it is. Also I'm going to be sitting alone in my basement. Dressing up in that situation is sad in a way I haven't reached yet.
  • Hahaha Fagglekai and DirtySanchez you contribute so much. Thank god I READ +1 and +2, now I KNOW fuck all, which exactly what I'm going to go DO.
  • Get a PRIVATE ROOM. :mad:
  • Haha no, you should try my method: Only post when you have something worth saying. 80% of your posts are worthless bullshit. So are mine, but I never stated otherwise.
  • We do. And we'll have discussion without YOU trying to create all of it. Jesus. Don't you have anything better to do than post here all goddamn day?
  • The people in that red box sure like to suck eachother's cocks. Faggots. Get a room.
  • Hahaha I never claimed to have improved the site vastly. I'm posting at my usual pace with my usual 'content'. I'm not overcompensating for the lack of posts on this site like you retards. You're trying way too hard. Yeah, you guys make a lot of threads and shit. A lot of your 'conversation stimulating material' is just…
  • Oh for sure, advertising is fine. But advertising aggressively (read: ANNOYINGLY) online when our site is buggy and vulnerable is retarded. We're attracting attention, but not all of that attention is good. We're attracting the attention of people who want to destroy the site, and unlike zoklet or the olde totse (or even…
  • NO U :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  • You caught me.
  • Yes. :fap:
  • Yeah, and it'll keep happening. the administration is too inept to fix the vulnerabilities themselves. The administration also keeps advertising us aggressively all over the web. Good combo. :facepalm:
  • I find everyone in that red box obnoxious as fuck. :mad;ijuana I don't find all that annoying but the rest can eat a dick. Unlike the old totse, post count here seems to indicate what a douchebag you are rather than how much respect you deserve. After Katzen with 1925 posts, the level of obnoxiousness jumps to insanely…
  • Well now I'm hard.
  • Do it yourselves, don't fill the site with it. Honestly. Advertise. All you want. BUT SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT HERE. Preaching to the choir and whatnot. It especially pisses me off how smug you niggers act about it. Like you're doing us all a favor. If you want more users, advertise as aggressively as you want. Don't need…
  • How exactly are you attention whores? It's the status quo to 'encourage' people to advertise totse and accumulate users aggressively. Or it was last time I was here. Fuckin' dfg telling us to tweet and retweet all his shit, people saying they post on every youtube video they watch, encouraging users to…
  • Stop needing it to grow. Stop being attention whores. Shrink the number of forums, expand the userbase gradually. Don't assume you can (or even deserve to) have thousands of users at this site.
  • I shit yellow a bit after I got a highlighter stuck in my ass. True story.
  • Which is why I stopped coming here for like 2 months. It's fucking annoying.
  • Coming here makes me lol. And not in a good way. I love my HB though.
  • HEY. NO HOMO. FUCK Y'ALL. :mad:
  • I did Socrates too. I thought I was the only one. :(
  • If you wanna go "&TOTSE LITE", I recommend sticking with BI, SG, HB, B&M, S&A, BLTC, MMM, GPP, the whole "Science" section, the "Society" section down to Conspiracy! + News of the World, and the whole "Technology" section minus the OS specific forums. Oh, and IFIOTW too. Obviously.
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