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  • The only LSD synth worth trying is the Casey one. Extract your LSA from morning glory, hydrolyze to LS hydrate with KOH a la shulgin, clean up, react with diethylamine using any peptide coupling reagent. I would just use excess diethylamine as a solvent.. Help the reaction along too. Diethylmethylamine is too hard to find.
  • Write out numbers in base 8. Now separate into segments of 7 (starting with 1). The middle number's digits alway adds up to 4. When you get to higher numbers, remember that 7+1=10, not 8
  • Pussy.. Go shoot some heroin like a real man
  • Yeah, I remembered talking to him on AIM a bit, too. He seemed like a cool dude until I found out he was a fat attention shoring douchebag that went on and on way too much about all his crazy benzo scripts because he was such an anxious whiney fucked up attention deprived emo kid
  • I'm pretty sure dreams can only occur during REM sleep, actually, but there's quite a simple explanation. It actually has more to do with the English language than science. "inhibits" is not synonymous with "prevents. Though, I do have some craazy dreams on opiates, sometimes. Sadly, through my opiate addiction, I've…
  • this. Permanganate is much safer, probably much more available in CA, and incredibly less toxic. You could definitely find less gakked pills... See what kind of ephedrine pils they have at gas stations around where you live
  • First off, we need to step up our nuclear programs and begin recycling spent fuel (so many nukes out there, It really doesn't matter... To supplement this, and for an IMMEDIATE boost, I believe that damn near evey decent sized house/store/garage/etc should have a cylindrical (jellyfish!) wind turbine on top of them, which…
  • Check out H2O2 fueled jet engines. Probably a bit more do-able. Force through silver gauze and BOOM, decomposition. All that oxygen goes a looong way ;) also, the decomposition is exothermic
  • Paramagnetic... Yes. This is absolutely one of the reasons why mecar orbital theory was created.. Electron orbital theory predicted the opposite. Basically, due to quantum mechanics, small molecules (aka not DNA) can (must) be treated the same way as atoms are treated in orbital theory
  • Generally, it's a no. 3 on the "pubes", the part above my dick, and a no 1 or 2 everywhere else (sack, the base of my cock, gooch/inside buttcheeks, inner upper thighs)
  • No pics. Fail.
  • Heyyy!!!!! Frosty! ;P Great minds think alike! I was legitimately about to make this exact thread (only call it "roll call", hahaha). Who were those other two fellow Internet losers we hung out with? Their Internet names, I guess I should say. Luc and Paz... I still can't believe we got thrown off opreview. Grrrrrr!!!! I…
  • Why hello, good sirs! I'm impressed, I got a shout-out :D I'm giddy with flattery. Anyways, as we said in elementary school, "present!"