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  • Damn...! you blew my cover :) I just painted my face black for camouflage.
  • thanks for the friend request :) Will watch the video later :) Have a nice day :) what is ? ...ip is , it's connected directly when you enter as guest. Main idea is that I have everything blocked, raw connection with the main proxy ip of this site and that ip above logs…
  • Done :), now am without commercials as well after blocking the above lol...the feds are already blocked , the above are from vbulletin probably, though google-statistics logs the ip's...the other's do the same..if they means they log the ip, which means it is connected with the member's ip that is logged in at…
  • PoPo, can you translate, am quite dumb , know low IQ and can't google it for the time being, the only connection that I have given access to my system is the ip of this site, nothing else, you have my ultimate attention for the time being :), it's funny though, blocking everything else, all over…
  • Yep, those are the one's am talking about.:D
  • I like how they advertise Freedom of speech and they use their multimillion high tech machines to trace forum user's ip's just because they are some pathetic wanking nerds that get erection from showing how nerds they are. Fuck'em
  • Not sure if I got the job but I did get an ip trace though:D, from nothing it's something lol.:facepalm:
  • am :mad:hehe...can you please invite me to any torrent sites that you have invitations ??? I want to download tons of terabytes...just because they think they can trace for fun...I will show them how funny it is.:mad:
  • I want invite as well to download movies, only movies not porn lol...I don't care if they are obtained legal or not:D fuck the feds, I just pawned them because they played it smart arses and traced my real ip...fuck them... you know where to find me...not going anywhere..I will be here downloading tons of gb's…
  • My opinion is plain and simple as I am. When you advertise a site as a portion of Freedom of Speech you should then have damn excellent moderators to moderate possible threads or comments that might be illegal and edit them so to become legal , if the users continue to post illegal content and act like total idiots then…
  • ...............zzzzzz.......full of energy I see you are clifford....:)
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  • Because Jesus loves you all:D, let me help you with a nice song whiskey lullaby Faggot !
  • Dedicated to Sara.:) Clint black - Something that we do I miss that woman, yep...OP derailing the thread, love to do such thing :) Alison Krauss - When You Say Nothing At All she does have a wonderful…
  • You are all faggots. and you call yourself's Totseans ??? wouaf ! pussies :) Disclaimer This thread is a total FAIL, please abandon ass ..hehe...soon ass ...hehe...pussyble...
  • Promises....:D We'll die waiting lol....:) Hilarious Fail :facepalm: STFU Faggot :mad:plus shave your hairy nuts and bolts fuckface:D, Ooops..sorry...that is your face ???:eek: lalalala all together...lalalala....Ohh mac donald had a farm..ia ia yo.... .... ........ ............... beep ! ..............…
  • Am from Canada at the moment, not for long though, I do like to travel a lot.
  • You have my sympathy.:(, just don't forget when they fuck you up, to advertise Totse.:D
  • Actually vineman presence here shows that the Feds have already asked for something. Do deny it if it's not true.:D & :)don't lie. The non ability to flush the ip's at the moment also shows that the Feds are already investigating something....or someone.:eek: :D
  • I have confidence on you Dfg, the good thing takes long after all to get accomplished, that's why time is of no importance in your case.:D Take your time.....freind....
  • Quoted by the Feeds...
  • STFU faggot !:mad: & go and have a shower as well.:D @stinky / smelly / tuna / bisexual / cunt !
  • Escaping from life with such way , it is a disgrace for your own self and mother Earth, such persons should get punished by thrown inside a volcano , active one and broadcasting their death globally by the media as an example for everybody else that wants to die with such faggotry excuses.:) ps It's the only time that…
  • Done :) Sadly fenoships, can't reply anymore to your messages as he is busted :D
  • You need an overdose of humor my child.:facepalm:
  • Are you afraid faggots ?:( You are Totseans....contribute :)
  • Better be sorry than safe :eek:, that way you will conquer humbleness and you will be awarded with a place in heaven.:) so don't use vpn.:D
  • correction :) : Wineman is responsible for the booze on to keep them all hallunicating. Hellish is only making my life difficult as Jesus :facepalm: and you Dfg are their puppet :) End of correction :D
  • Their white mini skirts made them win :) Our dress designer aka eves shenlorant along with georgio armani did a good job and we are pleased to have them in our Holly team.:)
  • Faggots :D
  • Thanks for informing the highest power aka Jesus :) Will fire him:) Such people that abuse the prophet rank do not deserve to be called Jesus child's Will inform God ASAP. Thanks again :) Bless you :)
  • Yo! you still alive ????:eek: Go to hell !:mad: Amen :)
  • Jesus has the opinion that you should ban the fag(n)lesbian key, she is not welcome to Jesus land. Jesus hath spoken. Obey :)
  • Thought to contribute here as well with my infinite wisdom as Jesus:D Here are my thoughts: :eek:
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  • Yellow showers are forbidden in civilized societies, please either drink more water so to become invisible the shower or just have a real shower instead , also be aware that cumming into male faces is considered faggotry in Jesus eyes and you will go to hell for that. And for fucks shake! shave that forest of hair that you…
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  • Hellish should better not interfere with Totse, Jesus has other priorities for the time being and can't fight with Hellish ways ! , so better stay to hell hellish and leave Jesus alone to save the lost souls of Totse. :)
    in Hey Hellish Comment by Jesus May 2011
  • don't like Amie, she is too plastic.:) suggestion to change religion, Jesus don't love you !
    in PI of Amie Comment by Jesus May 2011
  • Also before you register, read the terms and conditions, most vpn's say it clearly that upon request from Authorities they will pass every detail of you to them along with the logs.
  • You could try the vpn of piratebay, it's cheap and you just have to disable the IPV6 for extra security. or there is one more that is on discount now....must find the link though.
  • "times do not change, the world always moves on by fire and the sword":( [ame=""]YouTube - MARIOS FRANGOULIS: KEMAL[/ame]
  • If it is to implement the eye for an eye as justice , then there is no reason to pay those that work in justice departments anymore, we could just do it ourselves...someone kills someone ? ...we kill back...someone cheats..we cheat back..someone rapes..we rape him back..someone is racist, we racist back.... Jungle laws.…
  • Thank you , that honors me that you consider me as your savior by asking me to keep this account :) Jesus loves you:D
  • Suggestion : lock the section that has the porn passes as soon as possible, they can exchange passes through im or after a disclaimer in that section that the user must at least have 200 or so posts , something does not just feel right here, call it instinct if you like. And check what I asked if you can.
  • sorry you are false.:D from the thread about the fbi arrest.:rolleyes:
  • Speaking about that, it's only because they have banned certain countries from accessing it, and your's is included of course, :D, speaking about racial discrimination lol....hahahha.....but the good thing is that I had a nigger :facepalm:avatar so they also don't like blacks...:eek: see ? we found one common thing between…
  • Dfg, if the real ip is connected even once with, then it does not matter how many times you will use proxy, cause they will just find where you live from the isp provider and they will raid on your house before they talk with vineman or hellish or you for the ip's..and anyway..they won't talk with any of you…
  • Nahhh...username ban along with ip ban....that's hilarious..:) but I just registered again as lol this time.:) lol Let's see if they follow me on Totse... here is my profile , just made.:)…
  • ip ban ..will bypass it to fur-fill my curiosity lol...wait.
  • ok...the advertising was humor kind of way know...totse info is an interesting can learn there how to make a bomb and even how to fuck successfully you dog...:) like that I had put....and they took it seriously I suppose and they booted!:)