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  • Do it and post pics. I fully support your endeavours.
  • Dual Wielding is useless.
  • Suppressed .45 ACP and Suppressed .22LR comparison
  • I severely recomment this site for suppressor enthusiasts. I'm a member there, same name.
  • Actually, I am thinking of writing a full online guide incorporating all my knowledge about silencers on here. I will soon too. :)
  • No, not at all! I totally understand your concern. Good steel pipe is the only thing that should be used. And yes, I know what you're talking about. A 70 year old man, who knows a bit about firearms, when I showed him this, inmediately mentioned how he could have one made from aluminium tubing to keep the weight down…
  • True. Of course one should check the pipes as much as possible before. I mean, this is not a replacement for a quality firearm, but I daresay it is a much viable zip-gun compared to a broad majority of the examples found online. On the other hand, I have yet to hear of any accidents involving these. They are pretty popular…
  • Thank you acid_drop. Indeed. We've had our fun and all, but this has gotten way out of hand, and far out of the thread's original topic. So I will give you a sporting chance not to continue to foul up the thread, Giomanach. If you wish to start a discussion on the negative aspects of gun ownership, you are of course…
  • It also makes one able to kill people like you, who have none, therefore no means to stop me. Do you feel safe now? ;)
  • I'd be a suppressed, Colt hard slide, USGI 1911, parked black with Pachmayr grips and tall tritium sights: Practical, handy, trust, accurate, durable, rugged, doesn't make a fuss but packs a hard punch.
  • For pistols I'll go with: 1911 of some brand. Model 10 S&W or the Taurus 82S, in .38spl. I'd still suggest a shotgun. Winchester 1200 with 18" barrel and folding stock is a very good choice.
  • I own far too many to count or post again. Thank you, but as a notoriously violent person who owns enough guns to equip a small army, may I kindly bring to your attention the fact that your being non-violent makes you one hundred times more likely to be murdered for sport by someone violent like me? Dear me I do believe…
  • I believe we need one of these. Would you guys want to see the goodies posted on here? For newcomers, this is where we post anything that is not legal, i.e., Zip Guns, ghetto suppressors, illegal machine-gun conversions, and so on and so forth. Thanks, Lava
  • Not kissing ass, merely offering my services. Whether I get picked or not is irrelevant, but I've been doing the job well, so I might as well recommend myself no?
  • Hello. I'm LavaRed, from the W&C forum. I mod the W&C forum at Zoklet, so I wouldn't mind doing the same around these parts, if you guys want. I believe most members can attest to the general usefulness of my posts and my good tenure as mod. Thank you, Lava