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  • Ugh yeah... was blackout texting ex gf too last night. The whole liquor before beer thing is true:rolleyes:
  • I would have deleted this 5 minuets ago, but cant seem to find out how. Waste of time sorry.
  • My thread is old so I'll bump this one
  • Dont watch manswers on tv, soooo many commercials
    in Human Meat Comment by Melon October 2011
  • So then why are you bumping it now? Coulda pmed me dam, now you are no better than me :p Oops bump again, thought this was a free speech forum...
  • Haha, even better awkward when on reading this on the bus laughing & having people inch away :p
  • This is an interesting one, kind of a big picture thing. Worth it just to see the info on Mr Rodgers.
  • Media owned by less than 5 people... is good for recent crop circle stuff. New material posted every day.
  • Been said already, the best cancer tubes are Turkish royals and parliments. This is due to the flavor not being a pronounced ass & ciggy flavor.
  • It's time we all obtained HDRs, and go back in time to infiltrate the time police. This way we can make sure that no raid is imbibed from bltc thread idiots, therefore preventing the old totse from mysteriously going down. Who's in?
  • What is beyond the universe? Well the countless other universes that contain subtle differences in compairison to ours... Have you never seen sliders OP?
  • Nitrates and fat are so good together, not so good for you. What sort of tube meat are you buying? You could ask for packaging and inspect the ingredients. Unfortunately, hot dog companies have to make known only 25% of whatever goes into their products. So- "These dogs are 1/4 lower intestine of pig" gets the stamp of…
  • Yeah, a few years ago I caught a metiorite that burnt up with a beautifull chartruse glow to it. The one and only time I had the pleasure of riding a greyhound bus (July 20th 2002 @ roughly 2am, Aspen CO). The driver could no longer calm the smokers down with promises of better time made. All the smokers and people who…
  • Ever since Pluto was declassified as a planet; I've wondered what else was out there that was deemed as less than important to mention. Statements like 'we know our own solar system better than the ocean floor' can't possibly be truthful. #18 was the most interesting to me, only one low resolution image available…
  • This is a couple years ago, but new to me. My first step into conspiracy fact was looking at the anomalous photo shopped Clementine images. I'll look for a good link, but this is better. Indian Moon Mission Pictures Show Triangular Pyramid Anomaly…
  • Surely, even if both of you had personally sniffed hundreds of women, you would have only exposed your nose to a small fraction of the population. We should all be objectively sniffing as many as possible- 'Excuse me madam, but may I take a whiff of your muff for the sake of science?' A very interesting story was presented…
  • Thanks, I thought I'd killed this thread with just one post :) Let the debate go on! 'Fred, if you're real, you gotta tell me right now!'
  • Spaghetti monster :facepalm: I really love the audacity of human the mind, how it decides what is real. We know now that we don't see with our eyes, we see with the mind. Because we know this, we must sense outside our minds. Unfortunately, when an individual states that they don't believe another persons statement,…
  • I've nearly hurt myself eating pickles before. Had to get distiller water (dillutes you uber salty blood). I love cornichons- French gerkins that pack a vinegar punch Indian pickles- from lime to chilli, mango, garlic; They are truly delicious Russian pickled tomatoes- taste like a fresh tomato on the inside and pickle…
  • Potstickers with soysauce, chilli, green onion, and just a little vinegar for the dipping. Drooling buckets now dammit :rolleyes:
  • This is a last attempt to breath some life into this forum. From time to time I feel free speech horny; then I reach for my Totse wiener... not even half mast ever :thumbsdown: We need to stimulate membership, and turn people on to our forums. So here is something big, this is the kind of thing I'll be talking to…
  • Pile.... ur doing it wrong:facepalm:. You should just reevaluate who you give your love/time/money/power to. Don't get me wrong man, I mean no disrespect; however from an outside view your threads speak volumes of your need to slow, no -stop dating girls & kind of look @ how you tick (or stop trolling :rolleyes:)
  • Penuuus Powah! The penuuus done ejaculated all in her brain! 05:15 :fap:
  • Yeah, everything with a grain of salt :) Here is one that every person who has a background in health care or microbiology should see, enjoy Perhaps the only paranormal thing is just how greedy the commerce of cancer research entities may be if this is at…
  • This is a good site, with varied content-