Shit just gets worse and worse. The Feds are killing off my father and i beleive i am to bear witness to somebody's death if i stay where i am. im brainwashed entirely and kind of enjoy it because i cannot tell what the fuck is going on around me. The Dark mafia is involved and they torture you making you hear the same thing again and again until you break and self terminate. If anything its making me miserable and life unbearable. Im aware they are torturing me. But I have been traumatized by hoaxes over and over and i am scared to death. They kill your famoly in a controlled burn and then say you did it. They set the place on fire and smoke them out and for some reason the trauma has mað it hard to react to anythig familiar. I should prpbably add they are usin EMF to legally, systematically rip me off of everything i am afraid. Ive never been so frozen to react to shit in my life. Its the systems way of telling me m"my dick's bigger than yours".


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  • once when i was 12 jerking off i acciidently cameand it was the worst taasting most surprising thing thats ever happened to me so far in my lifetime right into my own mouth leaning forward and opening my mouth to go "awwwww"