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  • The pressure is really only needed because you are generating ammonia in situ and the pressure helps dissolve those gasses into the solvent while in the presence of lithium. Using condensed anhydrous ammonia you don't need a closed vessel or pressure of any kind, in fact its better to do it open with lots of wind blowing…
  • Schizophrenia looks like fun.
  • yeah everyone here is a slow n word
  • found it "Now, out of prison, Spaliviero intends to never return to a life of crime. When he reached a secluded spot, tied a rope around the stem, filled with chemicals and lowered 20m in the water “Igor had pointed out this…
  • Turp method? thats almost as old as I am.. Heres a recent guide for cleaning pseudo if you really want to put in the effort. Most people just GUP chuck it these days though.
  • Just buy a big bag of ammonium sulfate for like $30 and use that. fuck cold packs
  • Just use ammonium sulfate its cheap you can buy a tonne for a few hundred $$ from farm/garden supply. You need more lye but it still works fine to make ammonia gas.
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  • This is just a ghetto writeup. There are a million options for pressurized vessels, the old biker p2p writeup was to toss it all in a metal drum and roll it in a lake and if it doesn't explode work it up. Anhydrous ammonia and good ventilation are the best way to do this reaction like they did in the 1940's I also heard…
  • I had around 1000 alts but Lanny just nuked them all. I was going to give everyone here a free alt but now I'm down to 3 from this many It's a heavy loss for the Free Totse Army but we will never give up!
  • I got banned from for 9 years for calling Lanny a fat drunk.