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  • I only recall suffering from Sleep Paralysis once or twice as a child. I do however have Somniloquy or talk in my sleep in layman's terms. Not really something I suffer from although whether or not I suffer it due to screwy REM patterns I also have the irritating habit of waking up every couple of hours throughout the…
  • While I love both I think I'd have to stick with coffee as it's the only thing that gets me through the day. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing like a cup of Texas sweet tea or warm earl gray but a nice cigarette with coffee is blissful.
  • We'll finally get to see how many macfaqs are dissapointed when he doesn't rise from the grace three days after his demise.
  • I watch it from time to time. It's what got me turned onto Armitage :)
  • Well there goes the rest of my evening :)
  • Good point although most of the methods have been published elsewhere in different forms and haven't lost their potency so I doubt that's a big issue. Good read Paco, I've been waiting to see this since you started doing your research on the Totse army a while back.
  • One thing I didn't see mentioned was how fucking cold it is in there. When I got dumped in there over night I was wearing steel toed shoes that got swapped out for those shitty rubber sandles and since my socks had coloured patches on the toes and heels they took those as well since we could only have completely white…
  • Well, not all Metal is about fantasy. Although if this is your opinion OP I must ask what's your ideal form of music.
    in metal is gay Comment by Sem July 2011
  • Shit sucks on both counts, the cancer however being the worse of the two of course. Sorry to hear man.
  • Button up dress shirt tucked in with belt, black slacks, and black converse for days when I work. Otherwise it's jeans and a t-shirt. Oh, and a worn out black trilby hat pretty much all the time.
    in Everyday wear? Comment by Sem June 2011
  • Heh, just what I needed to hear actually.
  • Bruce Campbell's evil twin. Edit: To be honest there isn't exactly an abudence of forests where I live.
  • Science of the Damned could perhaps be merged with My God can beat the shit out of your God. The subform is slow as is and while certain aspects of parapsychology do fit within the Science form loosely I think that mixing the two subjects might increase activity as people who frequent the religious aspects get a taste of…
  • Good find box. He has the right idea, low to mid range desktop with a decent GPU and you should be good.
  • Defiantly don't tell him if you're going to record your visits with him. It might also not hurt to look up your local laws concerning how tape recording would work as evidence.
    in Help WAN! Comment by Sem June 2011
  • Perhaps, people generally tend to latch on to doomsayers and such no matter the situation or time. While forums may not be in the limelight as Facebook or Twitter are (although I think I heard some news of Twitter's popularity failing somewhat) there are still non-bandwagon jumping members that will populate the forums as…
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  • I like my food to scream when it dies and plants just can't provide that satisfaction :P
  • I've been drinking Jack and Coke from the bottle of Gentleman Jack my GF got me for our anniversary :)
  • JestA is correct in this matter. Check around the house to see if you can narrow down the direction of your neighbor and if so make sure you're getting the best possible signal via your wifi adapter locations or if a desktop direction.
  • Or better yet when a customer questions your answer several times. Me, "You need this ink." Them, "Are you sure?" Me, "Yes." Them, "Are you sure?" Me," No, I'm lying to you" followed by a glare.
  • Seriously who the fuck is this Panzer. The name seems somewhat familiar but does anyone have some info on this gent?
  • We'll see how long that lasts. Fucking backasswards idiots probably had the law drawn up and passed by a bunch of old fuckers that can barely email.
  • Congratulations on the laptop Trx100. Dust aside the worst I've seen in a computer were a bunch of dead roaches scattered about the case. the roaches still alive hiding in the heat sink have to be the worst. I can now tell if a computer is dead via insect infestation with my olfactory senses alone.
    in LOL Overheating Comment by Sem June 2011
  • DLing. I've been looking for a game to kill some time with :)
    in Look what I got Comment by Sem June 2011
  • I can find videos of your mother on google just fine. :rolleyes:
  • I second this.
  • Aye, kinda like the scene from Pulp Fiction with Marsellus Wallace being sodomized. Time to get a blowtorch and spend a few hours with the fucker.
  • An obvious one would be food; although I have seen steaks at my local supermarket with the shitty paper RFID tags on them. Alcohol also falls under the food guideline. I use to acquire mini bottles of wine as a kid and even managed a full bottle of sake before almost getting caught from a World Market store. Books are…
  • What the hell is "back-rodded"?
  • I have the same thing happen to me. Kept telling the lady that I was from Texas and she couldn't believe me. Course what's weirder is that I don't have a southern accent. :confused:
  • This and idiots putting their wifi routers in their attic.
  • Usually when people kill themselves they aren't thinking about the long term conseqences as much as escape from their situation whatever it may be.
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  • I think that it's a rage trigger for most people, myself included. Something to do with having your views silenced and or demeaned at the same time I suppose. A slight variant is when someone attempts to talk over me that really makes me see red.
    in SHUT UP! Comment by Sem June 2011
  • True but you have to start somewhere to broaden your cooking skills. Specialize in one area then when you feel comfortable try a new dish. As for the original post I'd have to agree with the majority here in that it's not exactly attractive.
    in Hey totse Comment by Sem June 2011
  • I thought it was Unicorn vs Jesus at first as well. Unicron however was a giant badass transformer who changed into planet which ate other planets. He was also voiced by Orsen Wells. Planet Form: Robot Form:
  • I recall an episode of This Old House from years ago where they made a human powered generator in the basement of their workshop. Looked like a giant hamster cage but it worked.
  • Despite my knowledge and occasional practice in the occult I tend to be pretty skeptical when it comes to ghost stories yet if subatomic particle get to disobey laws of physics then ghost might exist. Perhaps some advice from multiple viewpoints is in order. I seem to recall that Feng Shui views it as bad to have a mirror…
  • Already posted:
  • Wouldn't Parody laws kick in to effect? I've always wondered about how the two definitions interact.
  • They can be? Are we talking about Jews as a "race" or religion?
  • Shit. They're on to me.
    in Who is nordic Comment by Sem June 2011
  • Nope. Are you?
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  • Hopefully it'll have a dialysis app :)
  • Something about the order of how things ran when a computer starts. I think the virus infected the Volume Boot Record which is not partitioned on the HDD. I can honestly say I have seen one virus survive multiple formats and installations of two different OS on the fucker.
  • Sophie's world by Jostein Gaarder A fictional narrative concerning the history of philosophy.
  • From what I remember from my anthropology class some of the earliest signs of spirituality was found with Neanderthals in relation to their burial methods and the Cult of the Cave bear. The former consisted of sites were skeletal remains were found to have been buried with artifacts such as tools, weapons, and cosmetic…
  • Boot sector viruses I believe. One of my old Profs had a song and dance about those fuckers.
  • Having found at a young age it did play it's part in adjusting my personality and socialization skills as well. That and now when I see goatse and other shock pictures I chuckle instead of being freaked out.