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  • I've tried losing weight just so I would look good in some pvc/vinyl pants. But its HARD! HARD! HARD! I joined a gym and ran on the treadmill 3 to 4 times a week for a month and never lost a single pound! But I still like the clothing.
  • I've tried latex panties but they're too pricky. I prefer to stick with vinyl during the summer, pvc in fall and spring, and leather/latex during the winter unless I'm going out for a specific reason and want to wear one. Oh and I am mostly interested in the pants section but might get into tops/t-shirts later.
  • Just want to say I'm still here and didn't get caught. My spoils were ok. I made 17ish dollars in change, found 1 garmin and a magellan, a large flashlight, a wrapped gift for a little girls bday. It was a book called my grandma is special. Kinda felt bad about taking that but I wanted to know what was inside and the fool…
  • Is this cocklet another website? Cause I tried googling it and ended up going to some porno sites and see other guys dicks. That's not what I was wanting!
  • This is what I think of that hairstyle! YouTube - Family Guy - Stewie's First Hustler Magazine
  • The big problem I see with paying for sex is that most women who do it are HIV/STD positive. I don't want that shit in me! Of course you can use condoms but that doesn't take the possibility away 100%.
  • My god that is impossible to me. I've tried and the best I could do is 3 times but at about 3 - 4 hours apart on the first one and a half hour or so between 2 and 3. And I've practiced masturbating regulary 1 or 2 times a day but mostly 1 a day. Maybe if I had a 12 inch dick things would be different.
  • Yeah sure if your trying to get out of prison. But if your in prison your most likely there for a good reason and should stay there.
  • Well I've only smoked weed a few times and don't like it very much. My younger bro on the other hand (he is the one that offered to let me try it) smokes every day almost. He got caught with it a few years back and had to go through lots of lectures with mom and dad. Then just a few days ago I hear that our mother happened…
  • What is on the other side of barbed wire that makes it so worthwhile to go through it in the first place?