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  • Cute, but really skinny.
  • Black burqa.
  • Crap, I didn't know that was a novel! I just saw the movie.
  • I'm female and I have a few extra pounds. I would never wear skinny jeans. That just seems self explanatory... no, they don't make you look skinny, you wear them if you are skinny.
  • I don't spend much time on my actual computer, but with my phone I'm pretty much online. The only time I'm not constantly checking email or something like that, is when I'm at work and asleep.
  • Love me sum pickles. Its disappointing when I get a bad pickle with my sandwich at the deli.
    in Pickles Comment by Zelda July 2010
  • My boyfriend falls under the big and tall category, I guess. He's still probably better dressed than I am. The only thing I don't like is that he can be a label whore and always needs the nice brands. He wears a lot of nice polos and dress shirts.
  • You definitely have to make an effort. But, for me, having a social job hasn't really helped. The majority of my job is making smalltalk with people. But I can't become friends with customers, and most of my coworkers are snobby bitches.
  • I've met two guys online. Both were good experiences. One turned into a nice, long relationship. The other one was a nice occasional fuck buddy.
    in Online dating Comment by Zelda July 2010
  • I've had to fix my boyfriends hair after he tried to cut it himself. I go to one of the nice salons in the city, on mondays you can get a cut for from from a student. I was scared the first time, but I'm always much happier than if I were to pay for a cheap haircut.
  • This is true. I'm all for quirky beauty. A lot of companies are using, for lack of better words, girls with something a little weird. The main model that represents the brand I work for wouldn't be perceived as hot by many people, but I adore her.
    in Fashion Girls Comment by Zelda July 2010
  • That model in the very first pic has quite the nose going on
    in Fashion Girls Comment by Zelda July 2010