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  • (Quote) Can you explain more detail? then what time i must put the lithium? i m do like this on 8th story, 1 @125ml x 3 cup NP ( Zippo fluid) 2.Lye 3.AS And start hot that vessel litle shake,and Cut pile 2 lithium i m take 15 mnts, 4,put all lithiu…
  • (Quote) yup,if your pill just have little waste ingrestend like thyo,para, but my problem righnow,why i always oily meth, gassing problem?or another,, i m try 3 story with water tirtation ,always fail, waste my pseudo, last story, i m want doing ga…
  • (Quote) i m not use wax cover,just pour powder from inside pill,, can you tell me how to right clean pill?? coz you juzt always argument,not give solution
  • (Quote) im not doing clean pill, just crush 120mg pseudo (include 5mg thyopelene),
  • @enso Thanks, im follow all ur instruction and get good meth,but not in water tirtation, i m always fail,lose much meth,evaporate and just little meth, not like gassing metode, can you help me explain very detail with doing water tirtation? and can …
  • Sir,sorry I have problem,Why my meth burn to be residue black stain,not liquefied but just be dry powder, Whats Wrong or mistake? This My Setup :: 2.5 g Eph, disolve in Zippo premium lighter fluid in 6 hours first before going to cock 2 cup AN …