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  • Wanna know why the ice in the streets sucks? Any old temple member will remember hiesen stating he had a new recipe that would change everything. And it would be released if the price was rightm. Well obviously no one has come up with he dough. I …
  • If you bakers can't leave the sandbee alone, simply break you batt down all the way, make sure no more reaction occurs between naoh and nh3 salt, then add the pse in little bits at a time while swirling or stirring with a long chopstick. Not all at …
  • Also not chlorinated solvents keep ammonia from forming. Run the solvent thru a chlorine filter They also destroy meth whenever solvent has dried from freshly recovered product
  • Also note than nh3 salts are being adultered with calcium and what not. So you will need a new source. It is out there but I will not come tribute the source, as should no one else either.
  • Quack! Well first off, the pressure gauge thing is not necessary, just makes this thing look suspicious. Bad enough you guys are rolling around housing makeshift meft labs in various bottles. Forget that fyre xsting and pressure guague crap. Advan…