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  • You were up in two of the most popular threads in an almost completely otherwise dead website... It's not exactly like I had to go on some hunt to find your posts.
  • Just saying, you're sloppy as fuck. Trying to troll, but you completely change up the entire way you write halfway through a thread?
  • u r rainycity er sum uther troll
  • OP just sucks as a troll. At least decide to talk like a retard full out when you're trying to stir shit up, and quit switching between near-perfect english and tardspeakz.
  • Obviously a few shits were given... This 'zoklet' thread is like the biggest in this sites history.
  • Make sure to call him a poopyface if he gives you any lip :rolleyes:
  • lololol it isn't down because some poster shared a name with some terrorist.
  • Of course, it was just kind of weird, because I said that jokingly just a little while before the real dude comes out with all of this weirdo online bomb-farm terrorist shit.
    in Zoklet is down Comment by dead July 2011
  • Man, I was only kidding before, but that Anders Hoveland guy gives me some creepy feelings about the Norwegian terrorist.
    in Zoklet is down Comment by dead July 2011
  • Well, actually, yeah apparently you do.
  • Jesus christ, do you really care so much to try and drive some agenda that affects like 6 people spread across two(now) shitty websites?
  • I don't know, I gave up on Bad Idea a LONG time ago. Tach isn;t even the worst mod in that section, though.
  • Bad Ideas really is the worst part of the site... Zoklet was pretty much dead anyway. They may aswell invite DaGuru back, because the incessant pissing and moaning never really stopped.
  • Tbh, if I were him I'd have pulled the plug a long time ago, unless he's making profit. He basically hosts a site for people to bitch about him and melodramatize their problems with authority.
  • Wasn't there a Zoklet poster named Anders that was big into pyro/chemistry and fixated on Jews and immigration??:eek:
  • Most users ever online was 138, 08-02-2010 at 02:05 AM. At any given time, there's like a couple dozen. Are you fucking kidding?
  • for live sporting events and a few other random things.
  • It's ok, pretty much only hookah when they happen to have it at bars I'm at. I almost enjoy all the fun shit you can do with the smoke more than the smoke itself.
    in Hookah! Comment by dead July 2010
  • My favorite is probably Chesterfield Kings, but they're expensive and I have to go to tobacco shops to grab a pack. I usually smoke American Spirit Unfiltered. Nothing compares to the nice long smoke of American Spirit.