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  • Lol, I already picked up on Dark Kaiser's issues with life. Based on his threads all titled about how to kill himself. I'm actually just waiting for a breaking point for me to make certain changes, and I feel that point is right around the corner.
  • OP is a pretty funny guy. I'm still chuckling.
  • This reminds me, when did &T come back?
  • This dude robbed a bank for a dollar to get healthcare in prison:
  • I'm 31, I realized my life was meaningless a couple years ago. That's why I want to spread my lackluster seed to continue my tradition of wasting oxygen and space. And my job only requires maybe a couple hours of actual work a day tops, the other ho…
  • Montana is the bomb, bit expensive and normally in a locked cage if the store isn't run by morons. Belton is supposed to be good too.
  • I've tried Kratom before, a couple different varieties. It tastes like shit and I couldn't tell any kind of results from it, and I tried it a bunch of times, trying more, trying less, empty stomach, with grapefruit juice, all that. I kind of want to…
    in Kratom Comment by grinderman July 2011
  • I'm pretty vanilla I guess. I love knee-high socks, nothing else on. Side-boob poking out. I dunno.
  • It depends. I love chicks with really well done full sleeves, or just lots of really well done tattoos. Then you have the trailer trash with a butterfly on their ankle or crap like that. So it's really less about whether they have tattoos, it's abou…