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  • Paranormal Activity kind of freaked me out; that and the woman who mentored me in film is her best friend. And her other film was directed by a personal friend of mine.
  • Look, you should know it's all psyche induced. I used to get them real bad and how no choice but to get myself out of them. Here's some tips to prevent the next ones: 1) Diet and Exercise 2) No drugs or alcohol 3) Positive mind set 4) Distract yourself. I won't be able to help you online, but if I was in there person I…
  • In game name is Level9, contact me. I'm not fully empty handed, I reactivated a 2 week trial account from '07 so I have SOME things and long-term skills built up. (Queued some month long ones before account expired back in '07, hah).
  • It's a month deal... but it's one of the most in-depth games of all time... EVER. There is currently a 14 day free trial so you can test it out if you'd like. Took me an hour to download.
  • Jurassic Bark made me cry... I came close on 6x 06. But I was more touched than sad.
  • Nah, too unmotivated. I guess I will never know some things...
  • 1 chompchompchomsky 2 old dudes with wrinkly hairy man balls probably covered in tumors. This has meme potential.
  • Honestly... it depends. If you really are in highschool and you're trying to approach someone outside your social group and higher on the tier, you've got no chance. She won't risk the reputation ruin. On the other hand, if this is NOT highschool then stop being a damn child. It never hurts to ask. What? You get rejected?…
  • Dfg, My good friend is from Pakistan. He tells me the tales of there. So tell me tales. Are you a devout Islam or even anything like that? What is it like there? Where and when did you learn english? Have you ever left your country? What do you hope to do in the future? What languages do you know?
  • Feels the same.
  • I can do it without using an icon. *Puts hand to palm to forehead*
  • I am sitting here in my chair... laughing my ass off for real.
  • When I die, I just want to be buried under a redwood tree or something. I'm not buying life insurance. That's just stupid.
  • My Night Ops was me getting on the roof of the grocery store and drinking beers while watching fireworks (4th of July).
  • I visited to France... they were all assholes. Seriously, no joke. People say Americans are arrogant... look at the French go to their culture. Mother fuckers, terrible people although the cities were beautiful!
  • Shit... I remember when Wintermute ran things, hah. And her pictures...
  • You're only hurting yourself every second you're not reading these. The main Ender series was amazing up til Children of the Mind which I find dull... very fucking dull. Speaker of the Dead and Ender's Game made my mind shit itself in awesomeness. Xenocide was ok. Now... Ender's Shadow was phenominal! I forgot the one…
  • Mother fucker, I've WORKED on film sets, written scripts into movies, been paid for them. Movies are my life aside from Biology!
  • They demand, I deliver... BEHOLD! ( . )( . ) You can thank me later.
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  • Yeah but modding it just made me not care about the site anymore. It was a few months later Jeff Hunter closed it. Then zoklet came about and I never really was an active poster there. I'd check the entertainment forum once in a blue moon for game or movie ideas... but never posted.
  • "Sooo if I can find the asshole, then this way must be north! We're not lost anymore. I knew that'd come in handy some day."
  • It's more like he's channeling me. Do a couple more, throw in RaptorJesus and zombies and he might as well be my doppelganger.
  • I'd support thatsMYdog for modship if she hadn't come here asking for it... degrades the integrity.
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  • I've been mod, sure I kept the trolls away, but it's just... I didn't post anymore in SG and whatnot, but that was because at the time SG was absolute garbage.
  • The guy who writes XKCD is a physicist/mathematician, if I recall correctly. That aside... I love it. LOVE IT. The ones with the Jurassic Park references are my favorite.
  • Be helpful, don't ask for moderation power, then get modded... I don't need another MLOR running shit to hell.
  • You remind me of some transients I know... Terraforming planets will realistically start on anaerobic microorganisms. Maybe if we're lucky, we can use other planets' available water source to spawn algae. That's where it'll start if anything; it's not all that far-fetched.
  • That video... I actually listened to the whole thing.
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  • Oh shit, that reminds me... I've got smokes next to me!
  • Ahhhh, this is the thread. Ok, I would like one. It should be a mixture of red and white, more white than red... here's a picture of a painting on my wall to help give you an idea. Uploaded with My name means nothing in particular, but I tend to be a nature, tranquil oriented person. Actually maybe a mostly…
  • Uz guyz phail cuz hes trol, butt its funy cause its sad.
  • Trust me, I'm probably more hurt than you are, heh.
  • For the record,, my beloved manga home for years... is closing down this month. So the other sites I know of are: They have online scanlations now. and
  • They haven't had a spontaneous break out of song... but they've had songs for particular scenes. I.E. Ending scene of Season 6x 06 is Little Bird sung by some woman... but it fit that scene perfectly. I can even see that episode getting an Emmy nomination.
  • Anyone ever associated with The Daily Show, Arrested Development, Chapelle Show and then of course... Dane Cook (Haha, gotchya there - I'm good troll, right?).
  • I fucking hated learning about Kingdom Fungi in biology but those are impressive pictures. Although, for this thread, or in this sub-forum: Moving Pictures, I'd like to see a thread dedicated to talking about particular movie shots from an artistic point of view. IE. The first 10 minutes of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The…
  • The image you're talking about to I have on my computer here somewhere... I will find it. A glorious presentation... I don't even know how to describe it. But follow the link through, you'll enjoy. And that's a ... ytmnd of the…
  • Thread condoned and approved. But... who are those people? I really don't know.
  • Welllll, I can say I've been guilty of that before... starting arguments for the sake of arguing while drunk. It's rather fun, I don't even believe 1/3rd of what I argue for. But I find playing the devil's advocate really lets one's self able to explore the psyche of another. Again, that's not me starting shit. That's just…
  • Glad I could edumacate you.
  • Yeah, I try to be delicate but she likes it rough and I must deliver...
  • BEHOLD! Astrophysics and quantum physics, intangible ideas to our minds, but the utmost interest in my life.
  • A very thoughtful and relevant statement that I can mostly stand behind... Mmmm, uncleanliness is circumstantial for me... I've traveled far and wide and I'll be the first to admit a ready bath is always available... Rudeness does irritate me. Wait, that's not right, INFURIATES ME! If we're all here living on a single…
  • A week and a half ago... my girlfriend had a party and we had long and hard sex. As of now it pains her to try intercourse so she has to go to the gynecologist... I think I hurt her and am very worried. You guys don't wake up to your girlfriend screaming in pain next to you and then clutching her lower abdominal area...…
  • I saw this classic some years back... definitely interesting. I enjoyed its mature themes and story. It centers around a secret club where you can pay to do anything to people (like in Hostel) but note this was released before Hostel. People can also pay for super powers which are rooted from their personality. Only…
  • It's not hard to get money... and I've lived transient. If you ever need tips - more traveler friends and I came up with these simple rules. Follow this and life of a transient will be swell. 1. Don't Panic (A nod to you know...) Seriously, don't. 2. Dress accordingly. I can't stress the importance of fitting in... 3.…
  • You'll love it. Good news is FX renewed it for a second season and Archer was NOT as underrated as people think! It's got a huge cult following growing.