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  • Enso, you around? Hypothetically speaking, were the amount of pseudo in this TEK doubled (actually, let's say one were working with 5.76 g), how much more lithium would be required to complete the reaction?
  • So, I notice that this writeup requires only one battery as opposed to the two you suggest be used in the SS bottles. I'm assuming this is due to the pressure being maintained throughout?
  • Seems there's been an issue with the use of Sodastream bottles, as of late. And one that didn't used to exist. Not sure what changed, but either the heat produced or the lye is now eating through the seal within the first fifteen minutes and sabotaging the reaction. I see that Sodastream sells a separate dishwasher-safe…
  • Ah. Thanks for the answer. I knew there had to be losses along the way, but I didn't realize how substantial they were. Your no. 4 is the best argument for the Sodastream bottles. They seem to be key, here. I've not studied organic chemistry, formally or otherwise, but I would enjoy doing some self-study if I could come…
  • Hey, man. I've always been impressed by your write-up (stumbled across it a good while ago on another site), but I do have what seems to me to be a vital question. I've read that using the right amount of Li is extremely important in this reaction, since too little will result in underreduction and too much will result in…