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  • pics or it didnt happen. the only thing worse than a rape-o is a pretend rape-o full of talk and no action. god you gonna get fucked so hard in prison I can just feel it, the face i'm putting to you makes me wanna hit you right now and you didnt even rape anyone yet. shave that ugly fuckin mustache it doesnt look cool
  • pics or it didnt happen. the only thing worse than a rapeo is a pretend rapeo full of talk and no action. god you gonna get fucked so hard in prison I can just feel it, god the face i'm putting to you makes me wanna hit you right now and you didnt evemn rape anyone yet. shave that ugly fuckin mustache it doesnt look cool
  • i would happily date rape you if I knew who you were, I'm sick of you always date rapin chicks and still not giving up your sweet virginal butthole
  • all right we get it you like mushrooms............fuck
  • 60 bucks go on craigslists if it doesnt say the price then call, i guess you can haggle too
  • holy fuck just say I and me and we. the cops arent going to track you down because you found a bong...fuckin kids these days. here watch this. I have a meth lab in my basement and I sell crack to school children. I killed three cops yesterday and I fully intend to do it again. OHHHH NOOOOOSSSSS WHOS THAT AT MY DOOR?
  • I'm a weird middle ground between these two. if no one around me is gay for 420 ill point it out and april twentieth is always an obligatory event. but if i'm with people who feel the need to talk constantly about how we need to get high at 4:20 ill go on a tirade about how stupid that shit is
  • what are you just trying to be an asshole? if you are that wasnt even creative. and if your serious you have no sense of fun or amusement and you should die. also if your serious i bet me starting a sentence with and, and using no caps is gonna keep you awake for days huh?
  • who the fuck isnt circumcised in this day and age?
  • dude if he doesnt even know how to use google do you really think he can handle that utter loss of ego that comes along with a hit of raid?!?!?!?!?! HIS MIND IS TOO WEAK!!!!!
  • i dont really know id like to say one way or another, but at the same time i wouldnt confess to baby murder on the internet now would i?
  • the real sad part is that the jews sunk to this level to get back at germany...come on guys the holocaust was a long fucking time ago
  • fuck dude I dont even know what to make me want to cry. Its like I spend my whole life doing nothing but good deeds like this, and no one ever stops and says thanks erik, you did a good thing today. this is the first time anyones ever shown me the recognition i feel i deserve, I'm gonna renew my efforts to do…
  • quit while your ahead that doesnt sound like much of an addiction, just a mild desire coupled with boredom. go get some pussy, or even just masturbate if you really dont want to put any effort into getting some instant gratification. you gotta start thinking substitution here, preferably something thats free
  • i sold heroin to a pregnant woman....on a regular basis. to be fair though I hear women also miscarry when they go through withdrawls, so really i saved a life and I should be recognized as a hero
  • buy? what in gods name would you pay for nitrous for. I'm about to change your life, Fred meyers sells ten (maybe twelve?) packs in the kitchen department. There in a plastic case with a little security sticker on the inside of the plastic but not attacked to the box the cartridges are in. Just bring a knife and cut open…
  • yeah im not a cop just felt like impersonating one for the sake of a joke. infract away i dont know what that means or does
  • ^^^once upon a time that was my belief but heroin and meth are the two drugs that take you to a place where drugs really arent fun anymore. like I said I dont think drugs are evil or everyone should stop doing drugs but Ive never met anyone to this day who is able to manage an IV habit for an extended period of time. shit…
  • why don't you try not doing drugs anymore, you dont really go from shooting up back to being satisfied with any other drug, or chipping. For me Id quit shooting up and any time I did anything else I would find myself so unsatisfied over time I'd end up back where I started. I went to rehab and now i do NA and AA and shit.…
  • I figured the last sentence only pertained to the last paragraph. if not, what a waste of a thread
  • ^^^^ don't worry about it geography and quality come strongest into play when your talking about ecstasy. Thats a garbage deal where I'm from but a fucking steal in others
  • alright lets see what we got. 2 counts of manufacturing with intent to distribute, delivery of a controlled substances, possession of a controlled substances with intent to distribute. see you around 2pm tomorrow thanks for your written online confession it makes everything so much easier for us.
  • you know I really never have met a dealer in my life who sells nutmeg...there might be some validity to your theory
  • was i the only one expecting pictures of heroin? and hazey didnt even smoke weed remember he always said it didnt do shit for him
  • finally Oregon gets the appreciation it deserves. your welcome everybody
  • well in this specific case the idea of right and wrong comes from a long tradition of evolution that we humans hold dear. incest is something that leads to a feeling of disgust because of the strong possibility of genetic defect in your offspring. disgust is fully justified for this reason and oh so many more. but on a…
  • when i started waking up dopesick...on the nights i even had enough dope to sleep
  • I have no idea whats going on here please elaborate
  • Jeff hunter or whatever the fuck his name was got sick of the time it took running it for the last decade or two and decided he needed to walk away from the forum so he shut it down. as to the startup don't know don't care just spread the word I'd love to see this sight take off.
  • that sounds terrible man, I'm sorry but what the fuck?
  • i dont know how you could possibly love someone that your not even with. have you been friends for an extended period of time? how often do you spend time with her and how long have you known her? I believe your describing infatuation
  • fuck i hope this picks up i checked the site eagerly for days on end until i finally gave up. someone with a bluelight or opiophiles account should spread the word that this site is back up
  • I really have to say wow, this is amazing. I was nostalgically looking for anything anyone had saved and found this. I never thought I'd ever see this site back up, I even have my same old user name