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  • Fucking HIPSTERS should all be SHOT. And scene kids. And their retarded styles. Basically: - Skinny Jeans - Shutter Shades - Converse Shoes - Men's Scarves - Anything from American Apparel - Thick Black Glasses - Those things that used to be Isreali scarves whatever the fuck they're called - Bright colored clothes/shoes -…
  • Yes, starting small is good. Lots of people get arrested when they go into botnets - even if they did start small. It's back, google around ;)
  • 7 days is not exactly late... And my cat isn't going to say anything about it's present illegal activities. Also, I'd recommend running several AV scans if you like downloading keyloggers from HF lol. Hmm, most are in VB or Delphi I think, but there should be some in C/C++. I'll dig them up and post them in the next couple…
  • LOL DEP is a joke. Most new exploits and malware bypass it (and UAC, and Windos Firewall) very easily. But you're fine, this is just a local exploit. Unless you're running a server, you shouldn't really be too worried.
  • Windows - Avast, GMER, Malwarebytes, Comodo Firewall Pro, Immunet Protect, and Deepfreeze Linux - Avast, IPTables, RKhunter,and Deepfreeze Never gotten infected once :cool:
  • Hehe thanks, the inspiration came from Eminem and lots of alchohol. I'm not going to DDoS abrn's network, I was just angry at the 2 or 3 totse.info irc clones that seemed to be advertising on Slashnet 24/7 (which are now gone; thanks Dfg), and really drunk. I'll be happy to idle in #totse on Grovenet.
  • I used ethernet cables My security > yours :p
  • The guide I posted up there is old/outdated. and only works on a couple rare types of ATMs (look at the post right above mine). Just to make this clear, AGAIN, I am not an authority on skimming AT ALL. Come to me for any carding/e-fraud/cybercrime/botnet info. Or Slim; hopefully he comes on over soon. Brutus seems to be…
  • Me and Slim posted a shitton of stuff on this scam on Zoklet. I'll see if I can find the thread.
    in Landlord scam Comment by v0x August 2010
  • I have 12 wild raspberry plants in my backyard :D
  • Almost did it once when I was extremely stoned. Kinda hard to do it though, you can feel the difference in your mouth.
  • Thin crust with tons of winy sauce. Miles of roasted green pepper, onions, and Italian sausage on top. Only mozzarella cheese. Soft crust, so that i can fold the non-crust pieces in half and eat them as the sauce drips out. Ingredients mostly under the cheese so that their tastes blend with the sauce... God I'm so hungry…
  • McDonald's McDouble. God I love those. They're just so... edible. They just look like they're calling you. To eat them.
    in Munchies Comment by v0x August 2010
  • God I love lemons. Idk what I;d do without them... Probably slowly go insane. But anyway, do you guys ever get those lemons that are so ripe that they're almost sweet? Just rinse one of those off and rub it a bit, then take your nose to it. Best smell ever. After I'm done eating and zesting them, I put them in hot, steamy…
  • This. I love the Night flavor.
    in Mouthwash? Comment by v0x August 2010
  • I have this Early Grey Cream tea... I bet it would be sooooo good if I smoked it. But I think I'd rather drink it. I can see how a bit of mint tea mixed in with weed would go nice though. On a related note, have you guys ever tried using things other than water for a bong? Half apple juice + half water + bong = APPLE WEED…
  • O M F G WHAT IS IT????? *runs and hides*
  • It's gone now. Sorry about that; hopefully the articles will make for some better ads.
  • We wouldn't even need armies if you could METEOR STOOOOOOOOOOORM!!!!!!!!!!
    in D&D Spells Comment by v0x August 2010
  • Man, falafel is just like my dishwasher when it kayaks: ambient and fearful.
  • Fried eggs are more cosmic when covered in pickled SUVs.
  • Wait you guys lets handle this the right way: Just delete the thread, ban everyone involved, and deny that anything ever happened!
  • I hope driveby comes back he was the only one who knew what was REALLY going on.
    in I'm back Comment by v0x August 2010
  • Agreed, Clover. I'm glad that this tut (unlike a lot of other ones) explains the reasoning behind SQLI's and how to inject on your own - which is a good thing to instill in new hackers, because no injection (or hack) is ever the same.
  • Half sat on IRC answering questions, half mowed my lawn stoned.
  • proud sandwich squisar 14 year veteran here :o:o:o
  • It is not secure. None of those "remember password" systems are secure. Do not use them. There have been many passwords stolen from people who think they are secure. I lulzed at them.
  • PirateBay advertisement was the culprit. Infected ad that linked to an iframe that linked to an exploit pack that sent the rogue AV software into your system. And yea, it was blocking MBAM. They lay dormant for up to 30 minutes. AV's are outdated and worthless; don't detect half the shit out there. Let's see, what else....…
  • I never use Tor. Wifi + 2 Socks Proxy Chain is good enough for me when I'm doing normal hacking. Anything more warrants more socks, different mac addresses, vm's, etc.
  • Off topic. Someone delete this or move it to PEOO. I didn't see one thing in that thread about VPNs anyway.
    in Rorta Takedown Comment by v0x July 2010
  • HackForums is shit and full of skiddies. My cat used to spread there when it maintained a botnet, and you wouldn't believe how many infections it got. Probably more than if you were spreading on a regular site (and my cat is not the brightest). Those people are all idiots, including the mods, and they have a terrible…
  • If you have a correctly cracked copy of Vbull, and you're hosted offshore, Jelsoft cannot shut you down. And Skittles, you're pathetic. We're all part of the same community. Petty threats like your post don't do anyone good.
  • That screenshot is fake... right?
  • Goddamn that looks like a fake plastic penny from some bloody board game... Wtf is wrong with this shit???
  • 17. Stay up for three days, then sleep for 20 hours.
  • This. He's never said anything that was disagreeable, but things happened that were.
  • I'll usually smoke a Black & Mild about once or twice a month. I don't really care for cigarettes, but I'd rather smoke non-mainstream brands. I really want to start growing my own tobacco though. I've heard it beats any commercial stuff hands down, even if you're a first time grower.
  • No.
    in Raid tomorrow Comment by v0x July 2010
  • Well, I'm up to modding NS&H, unless someone else wants it (I didn't read the rest of the thread, so if you have dibs on it, just ignore this). I know a fair bit about the subject, and I post there quite a bit... I just wish the forum got more traffic :(. If the two traditional NS&H mods decide to register, I'll be happy…
  • Lawl I got ordained with the ULC three years ago. All you acolytes are my bitches.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj417erX2W8 I also like the Old Fashioned, the Whiskey Sour, and the Pimm's Cup.
  • This.
    in Ban spectral Comment by v0x July 2010
  • Yea! We don't need to pay those thieving commies over at Thawte/GoDaddy/VeriSign.
    in httpS, where ? Comment by v0x July 2010
  • Goddamn we can leave wires registered. Let's just post a bunch of shit on her account, like "I'm a slut, fuck my ass"