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  • Then bam retard, you've got nothing to look for. If you're reading more than a couple books a day, go for a make-believe-fairy-fuck-you-up-the-ass-novel, but shit, if you force me into this, make it ______________________________ flame: Fuck you. /flame
  • I stopped before I finished asking you. It's wonderful for you to threaten me, of course I can't expect you to read everything I type on here, but yeah controversy is where it's at. Go die in a ditch, and I'll forget about you before I forget about that dumbass nigger who poses as your avatar.
  • Well, it could be to get him to drop fiction, and read non-fiction. But if that isn't apparent...
  • This. This. This. This. This. Well shit, I guess you could read 1984? Death to _______.
  • jwh 018, but I'm out of my sample now, and it'll be gone in about 15 secounds.
  • First post, welcome to the party. Cargo shorts? If you're working at a fucking gas station, grats you've fucking made it. If not, buy some nice suit, and shit, style is about style, it's means money. Either right now, or in any recent past. Buy a dress shirt, and make use want to read this shit. It's not about what you…
  • We ain't got those debtor prisons here yet. If they yet you spend 50g without paying them, that's their bad. That's what I'd like to know, with less than a few grand I'd be able to set shit straight, especially if I don't have to pay it back(gambler disillusion, I don't play the odds though). Too easy.
  • Awesome, maybe I can do pedobaiting, you got msn? Give me your address, and I'll blow it to shit. But first I'll need a reason or two. Why don't you threaten to rob my house steal what is mine, or something like that? I've got a wonderful(inoperable) grow-op in my basement. Tomatoes, cucumbers, shit shit shit, lot's of…
  • Eat some of it, then you'll be happy to consume the editable shit you have. Why the fuck are you eating in the kitchen you ungrateful shit?
  • Eat dick, neither matters.
  • Overall, it's a bit much for me to handle. I can't read that much, even if I spend 19 hours a day on this lame site. :x Well maybe I can, but I don't want to.
  • read non-fiction
  • lol, it's crazy, mine is too! Die in ditch, turn left now.
  • Very much so. I think it's kind of clever. It's like, fuck you, grow a brain and diy. That was harsh.
  • Lol, wanta be troll? http://totse.info/bbs/showthread.php?t=1305 (That's in this sub-forum) Or you try this new website, it's in beta but should work: http://www.google.com Type in 'read books online free', and press enter.
  • Ha, you'd like Lullaby I'm sure. Has to do with a tune that kills whoever hears it.
  • Clockwork Orange is decent, have you read the book? (This thread may definitely may need to moved now.)
  • It's being revised. And if you were a mod, you could have moved it. Besides, what else would we talk about right now before it's moved? I thought you were sleeping?
  • Awesome, so instead of being assimilated into other shit, if I goto hell I'll be able to help conquer the gulf, and from there...
  • I buy boxes of protein shake powder shit to mix in with the milk. Most taste okay, and I fell full for most the day. Con: Sensitive stomach, lactose does not digest well. (yes, I know it's not digested in my tummy, all the same) It's very easy though, and doesn't make me feel like a lard ass
  • Maybe dfg was right about trimming up the forums... Seeing as my royal ass can't be bothered with so many details.
  • I like this thread, a lot. *opens up notepad*
  • /does not work. Don't play with your urine and sperm kids, leave that to the girls.
  • I'll be a mod. If I can have a fucking gun, and only if. This thread is getting long, thought I'd say what all us hardcore-jive-chimpraping-psychopathic-master fools are thinking.
  • Lots. The first thing? That as a minor, I could do no wrong. At least when it came to shoplifting and a couple other things. So thank you all for providing me with all the school clothes I could need, and god knows what else. /nostalgia Now let's build an IRL temple. Edit: This.
  • ... if I had a senior year.
  • I don't play games. /hardcore I think this loop hole could obviously adapted many more gift card frauds. But at last, I am also not currently residing in your great state.
  • *Ripes off shirt and slowly removes pants* Hey, how you doing?
  • I like the idea of removing post count, but not replacing it with retarded "thanks" or "rep". I guess it's all about motive, and since everyone spends an inordinate amount of time on so much different bullshit, looking for 'pats on the back', or just 'good-job-buddy' just makes me want to die. Oh well, I guess I just…
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  • qft "Friends are just people you fuck over more than they fuck you." As long as you get something from them, emotionally or physically, and don't feel as if you're losing more than that's worth, suck them dry.
  • Harry Potter much? The color does rock, almost would work better as one of those long vertical flag/drapes thing. I've got a carport a little ways after you pull in the drive-way, perhaps one hanging on each side would give the right impression. I think I'm going to be worried about money for at least a month, so this is…
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  • Obviously mine is best, being as it is in fact me. Yes, I took the picture with my big toe.
  • Quick note: I always get pissed off and banned on forums, totse was the first site that didn't do that to me, zoklet may have if I gave them a better chance, but I feel pretty secure in voicing my opinions here and not just opening myself up to flame wars. Freedom of Speech ftw, trolls go below.
  • I hope you're not speaking to me with that attitude. And if you are, no I do not understand. I wonder what the fuck you typed before you edited that shit. I'd have to say I agree with this. Mavis Beacon help us all. Anyways, back to the topic at hand. Do you really feel secure enough on this new island to burn the bridges…
  • Firebombing works every time.
  • You can open some over the interwebs with just your basic info, and by mailing in some cash. For good (or bad if you will) overdraft plans you'll want to choice one of the banks listed above. Spicy guide, I'd attempt if I wasn't on my 5th checking account/bank already. :)
  • You can use the "Forum Jump" drop-down menu at the bottom right to get to "Search Forums" it's been working from there.
  • As a prequel, it'd be wonderful. Just watched Book of Eli, hopefully some solar flare and nuclear winter shit happens soon, that way we really don't have to give a shit if someone's screwed us over in the past. There has to be someone swim can kidnap and force some truth out of...
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  • bump. Don't sleep with neighbors on the other side of the street.
  • I'm curious enough to ask, even with that striped-down criteria, what could you lose and keep banging? Ex: 1 tit, 1 leg, hysterectomy...
  • When I was doing the carpet cleaning thing, I had a few good restaurants set-up with food trade service agreement contracts. Great for the places with alcoholic, and take out. Not free, but pretty close to it. I could never empty the debt-type cards at any of them, even taking 'friends' and whores out all the time.
  • My apologies for harshin' your mellow. Just saying, if could be a more efficient 'index' without off-topic replies and such. (Such as these last two.) Any-who, I'm excited to get started.
  • You're probably obese yourself. http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ But yeah, send them to the camps.
  • Editor, print and digital. I like making webpages look good, leave it to someone else to get w3ed though. I could help share the seo load, I'll be on the look out if we get any projects started. This thread seems to serve more as an extended introduction, do others feel the need to get some kind of resource/project…
  • Yeah, it didn't last. :x
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  • I think I'm looking for some attention like that. I'm not doing anything illegal, either on-site or off, datada
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  • That's great that you added me on MSN, and we're both already using pidgin and OTR(when I can convince others to). I edited OP to add your sig. download info. :)