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  • Trust me when I tell you this is a terrible idea. Your doctors will have questions, your parents will have questions, and your little siblings will have questions. But you're sitting there with a TV remote obstructing your trachea, and nobody is giving you any drugs for the pain until you've answered them.
  • 1. Fill seven days of Grandma's pill case with oxy. Get fucked. 2. When it comes time to fill her case again, place Advil in it for the next week. 3. Doc won't want to hear her bitching. He'll write another script for oxy. 4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you're so high that you fuck it up. Congratulations. You now have your very…
  • Exactly what I was going to say. I had one of these when I had a sinus infection. Were these people all sick by any chance, or were they 12 years old?
  • On LSD I am a social wallflower. It's odd because I'm normally quite withdrawn, even on amphetamines. But acid really brings me out of my shell, in a purely drug-induced way, it makes me charming to those around me. There is no situation I can't diffuse, such as when a friend is in need of kind words or a parent needs help…
  • I knew it was intended for weed in this context, but that if I wanted, I could also use it for meth if I decided to do so but mostly I just wanted to get rid of my fucking light bulbs so I can stop stepping on the little shits
  • You make a good point. Initially I shared the popular opinion here, but what great pricks we all are. DUR. He's dead and I'm glad. What a retard. Ha, I'm so funny. It was his ex-girlfriend, correct? She could easily have had a reason to be upset with him. Besides that, the description she gave of him jumping just doesn't…
  • *bumping thread now. Dammit, gotta stop drinking alone.
  • calea zacatechichi silene capensis mugwort shit like that's what you be looking for, I do believe my good sir. Also, go for B-complex vitamins; particularly B6. Cholinergics are important, and you can get choline in Lecithin supplements. For increased vividness of dreams, go for Melatonin or Valerian supplements.
  • 10 mg/day Lexapro 45 mg/day Adderall (generic) 300 mg/day Provigil 200 mg/day Topamax 3 mg/day melatonin (or whenever the hell I want it, really) Yeah, I pretty much have zero sexual drive at this point. I don't even look at girls anymore.
  • Not everyone has a difficult time with lucid dreaming. Some individuals can do it naturally even. I wish I could, but unfortunately, I can only initiate them once every couple weeks at this point.
  • I know it isn't easy but try finding a job, hobby, relationship or all of those for which you will be very fucked if you don't dedicate a good amount of time which would normally go to internet. This sounds sad but maybe give Warhammer miniatures a go. Try painting them, and do it as much as you can. You still won't ever…
  • I could never. I would be ashamed if I had kids dicking around on here that didn't think about things enough to do a Google search and find Totse on their own. Of course if they do find it one day because of how I raise them then that's fine. But I'm not having kids. Except if I do I may eat them.
  • Sure, why not. If you actually make the ballot, it'll be the one time I vote.
  • Yeah rub everything down. Another idea in addition to that you might want to try is getting a weatherproof box to keep it in on your roof or in your yard or something in the meantime while they search everywhere in your house for the shit.
  • I usually just pretend like I'm really nauseous. Stay up all night to seem really out of it, and if you can, throw up. Unfortunately, when I fake nausea enough, I start to convince myself that I actually feel nauseous from placebo effect.
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  • god dammit there are guides fucking EVERYWHERE. Here. :angry:
  • This is amazing. I'm gonna make one of these tomorrow I just decided. And I thought my improvised 2 liter soda bottle bong was the shit. haha
  • Homemade bong (2 liter soda bottle + glass slide) A broken glass bong (used to be soooo nice too :() A BiC lighter A tea infuser and a coffee grinder (dunno if these count though...) Soda cans (for ashtrays haha... again, not sure if they count) three packs of rolling papers + a rolling machine (I know it's cheating, but…
  • This :thumbsup: Even better, give her a homemade tattoo, a tramp stamp that says "I was anally raped by &T" with the &T REALLY FUCKING BIG.
  • arrgh I wish I had a source like that. I can't find any legit ones with good prices as well. :( In the meantime I extract my own DXM. I'm that prick that can always be seen inching out of the store to keep their newest shipment of Tussin from falling out of his underpants. Every fucking time they restock that shit, I'm…
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  • I took "recreational" doses of dimenhydrinate and diphenhydramine twice each, during a period of a week or two, while I was having a bad episode of Insomnia. The last time I took it was Benadryl, and I took 28 pills, or 700 mg. Never tripped from any of them and just felt really heavy. Oddly enough, for a few days after…