Shards of Glass — Totseans

Shards of Glass

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The shards of glass and brimstone floated and swayed silently around her; waxing and waning under the cover of the hot wind. Like shrapnel, they cut and scathed her face; but she was strong. She felt caressed but eerily haunted by those phantasmic shredders floating amidst her last stand. With her makeup running and her hands dry but almost burning, she waited. The lonely tears that rolled down her cheeks merely evaporated and steamed through her undulating, glossy hair. Smiling, she accepted her fate and the fate of everything she once knew. The land began lifting itself, and a stellar flash of light appeared high up in the sky, directly above her body.

Up in the sky, they leered at her. Their last remembrance of the solitary woman on their new homeland were the shards of glass fusing and turning the land into a mirror. They were pleased. With the mushrooms emanating from all over the world; they could finally make their wish come true. They saw themselves; preoccupied but nevertheless satisfied, reflected on the shards of glass.


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