&T TRIBUTE - A Joint Community Drawball Project To Honor The Totse Legacy


So as many of you know there has been a lot of back and forth animosity between zoklet and totse.info in the past few months. Now, although most people have chosen which site they like best and stuck with it, who says we can't work together? We're all totseans here and I think that's the one important thing we've all forgotten during all this drama. There needs to be something to help us remember that it doesn't really matter what site we post on, we're all totseans at heart and we need to show that still means something. This community used to be a force to be reckoned with on the internet. So, are we gonna squabble amongst each other about trivial differences, or are we gonna pull together and flex our might? I ask that we ALL genuinely put our grudges aside and work together to make something cool to honor totse's legend.

This is what 10+ of us at totse.info were able to accomplish in roughly 1 week:

The plan? Cover the whole drawball with an &T like this:


UPDATE: I think we've all agreed to do the & in black and the T in white, at least for now. What keep happening is people are going over the white in black and vice versa, and it's a huge waste of ink. Since black is dominating the & and white is dominating the T, let's just run with that for now. We can discuss something more official once the letters are finished.

The original totse did the same design only their logo was WAAAY smaller.

Right now the Finland drawers are attempting to cover the whole ball with their flag. Fuck that. Watching their progress for the past week I have noticed they only have about 10-15 people working on their project. If we join forces, they will be severely outnumbered and there is no way they will be able to stop us from achieving our goal.

For anyone who's new to this. You have limited ink, but it replenishes at roughly 15% per minute. However, if you have a dynamic ADSL you can unplug your router for about 2 minutes and it will reset your ink to 6,500. Proxies and Tor do NOT work on drawball for changing your IP.

Here's some info on RAGEBALL, a script that help you cover large areas:

Rageball is a halftone pattern maker that uses the same method that newspapers use to cover large areas while saving ink. The best brush is the last one on the first row, it will leave some space between the dots (when zoomed out it will be one square). Use the first brush on the second row for full cover, but this will waste some ink.

Rageball has a few hotkeys:
CTRL + W skips all the already-White spots
CTRL + S skips all the already-Black spots
CTRL + E to stop

I've also heard great things about this, it's called the AUTO HOT KEY script:



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