Anyone have a leaf spring snap on them?

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Well, mine did - just one of the leafs - it has 5. Walked out of the office this moring and saw something that looked strangely horizontal behind the wheel - that would be the spring then.

To be fair, I should have changed them when I bought the truck three years ago as they looked out of shape, but they have passed the yearly safety test.

Anyway, its freezing here and dark by the time I get in from work so it can wait until the weekend - I have some springs I bought - oooh, about 3 years ago - and shackles, pins and new bushes.

The only bolts I have to undo are the ones holding the hanger pin to the chassis - I WD40'd them and they came loose right away - made me a happy panda as normally everything is stuck together.

Mr Angry Grinder can cut the shackles from the chassis at the other end and I can knock the end of the hanger pin off with the grinder too. Reckon it should take me 1 1/2 hours.

The old springs will get turned into some knives, a machete and some new tines for my rotivator.


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    Yep! On a small trailer, with a shit load of sand :o
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    1 1/2 hours bunch of arse. Last saturday and today it took. Last Saturday, I did the hard side - the steering arm, exhaust and driveshaft are in the way. It took me about 6 hours - shit you cant get tools on that needs grinding. The easier side took me about 4 hours today.

    With it being suspension parts most of the time was spent moving axel stands and jacks. I had two sets of two ton axel stands - one high lift, a three ton high lift floor jack, some big blocks of wood and a sciscor jack I used for bending the leaf spring so it would sit home in its axel housing. There is a bolt through the leaf spring that sits in a hole in the axel and it makes a right fucking bang when it sits home.

    It is two days took up with rolling around on the floor wrestling a truck, but it was fun and it was worth it - it sits about 3"-4" higher at the font now.
    7 out of the 9 bolts on each side could be cut, the others were only in at low torque and I had all replacement parts and bushes.

    Took it for a shakedown drive this afternoon and all was fine.
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    Anyone who's ever fucked around with a pre-1970s Smith and Wesson revolver has experienced this.
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    Yeah, a couple years ago. I drove it for about a week. I kept hearing a clunking sound, like something moving around in the trunk. I checked it out and moved some stuff around and took some things out with no luck. Finally I looked under the car and found this
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