Louis L'Amour

Best western writer ever. All his books kick ass.

So far I've read Flint, Kilrone, and The Last Stand At Papago Wells.

I highly recommend them to anyone who appreciates pure manliness.



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    I listened to his one book from some long series. It was pretty good but quite long and plus it had so many books after it. Plus, I couldn't find a decent Audio Book collection of his works.
  • AverageAverage Regular
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    Probably the best western writer out there or Robert Parker. I read a lot of L'Amour's books in jail. He has a writing style that I haven't read in any other western. And the great thing about his books are they're short and concise, his books are also full of action. My favorite books would have to be Catlow, Mustang Man, and Flint. Great storyteller.
  • Darth BeaverDarth Beaver Meine Ehre heißt Treue
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    I'm currently reading The Tall Stranger.

    I'm on a pretty decent L'Amour roll right now.
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    Finished that, now onto The Key-Locke Man.

    I never would have thought western books would be so epic.
  • buddhabuddha Regular
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    I like The Sacketts series.
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    Yeah my boss told me they are pretty good.
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