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    ITT: BEER BEER AND MOAR BEER. post pix of beer you're currently consuming and have consumed.

    newcastle : 4.70% alcohol


    pretty delicious beer tastes real sweet.

    They add sugar to it; thats where you're sweetness is coming from.

    Im with slardi - except i drink long necks.
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    I had some of this in scotland other day as i live here in glasgow its Brewdog Punk Ipa
    Its Very hoppy nice goood
    But there better one is 5am saint Thats the red label one
    hHYighly Recommended!!

    Een better

    Thta newcastle is really nice to all beers are sweet love them :D
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    just dringing some of these the now Tennetslagercans.jpg
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    My usual ones are Stella, Carlsberg or Heineken but recently, I have been enjoying:


    It's a good beer to enjoy lazy nights.
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    Drinking some Budweiser, I have to say the Czech import stuff is better. They same American beer is like having sex in a canoe, fucking close to water. Maybe to a beer Connoisseur, but for a teenager that just like a drop of easy drinking Lager its not bad at all.
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    A favourite of mine. Comes in 330 mL bottles in various sized packs or 745 mL returnable bottles that come in a crate of 12. They normally pay around $7-10 per crate returned.


    The 745 mL bottles are a better size IMO.
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    And yes, that's supposed to be an EU flag - resize fucked the stars a tad lol.

    Name: Leffe blond Belgian beer
    Established in: 1240 AD
    Quantity of liquid gold: 75cl
    ABV of said liquid gold: 6.6% (very nice and mellow)
    Average price...of liquid gold: UK/75cl - £4, Belgium/35cl - ~€0.60c (best price I found during my visits and daytime pub crawls)

    Review, if you can call it that: When poured, if it doesn't hit the side of the glass it forms a very formidable head which can be either scraped off (as seen in Django Unchained, or your local bar if they do it - you unsociable fuck, so get out there, oh and I am back to writing text files, throwing that in here :D) or sipped to form a nice, white moustache which makes you so much of a man, it's instantly replaced by something Ron Swanson would be proud of. Smooth, aged mellow flavour and doesn't get you completely trashed so a very good drink for a social setting where you won't want to get trashed (due to amount of liquid consumed over ABV so you are full of bubbles).
    Goes well with a joint, and in the bath :hai:
    Also the size of the bottles, at 75cl (750ml) is enough for 4 to 5 glasses in a chalice glass so pretty good for when you have mates over. Definitely has less of a tang than others, like Budweiser, Carlsberg or Becks. This stuff has certainly been made well, and when I was last in Belgium I had at least 12 glasses of the stuff (hence the price mention above) and was totally shitfaced.

    It's best to keep to a bottle at a time.

    Edit: Flags are Pakistan, EU and USA, in case you couldn't which case I highly suggest some form of spectacle or contact lens type treatment.
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    The yeast in beer is one of the worst things you can do for condition my little brother. Stay away from yeast and gluten and replace them in your diet with a daily regimen of probiotics and L-Glutamine.
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    I know man, I know. Saying that, over the years after being teetotal, I soon found a few types of alcoholic beverage (a select few beers and spirits) I can drink. Funnily enough, Cider is completely out of the equation as it totally fucks my gut.

    Luckily, at the moment, I've managed to find a really good course of tablets, and am averaging 6 miles per day walking. In the best shape I've been for a long time, and supplements can only help :)
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    ima only sayin cuz i give a shit...
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