Holy Fuck! World financial crisis winds up a gear

dr rockerdr rocker Regular
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At work today, my boss asked me if she could have a word in private. Looks like at the end of next month, that is it, no more work. I laughed quite a bit as I have seen this on the cards for near two years and have never been given more than a nine month contract. When I first started, I was only brought in for 8 weeks, so it has been decent, earned lots of money and learned a lot of things in a new sector of industry and managed to get some pretty decent qualifications out of it (masters degree equivilent).

As I have been there four years, they are going to have to give me four months extra wages to get rid of me. A lot of the clients who we work on behalf of have already said they can throw work my way at a rate higher than I am now.

Fuck doing 40 hours tho, 20-25 a week doing that job and I want to do some lower payed but much more satisfying work - market gardening and a bit of farm work.

Cheers gloabal financial crisis, thanks to you I will be living the dream.


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