XL? Ritalin Recreational Dose?

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I have looked all over the interwebz for info, but can't find anything conclusive.

So I have a load of Equasym XL 30mg and 20mg.
Active ingredient Methylphenidate (Ritalin) What's your recommended recreational dose, considering I have no tolerance to stims and don't take these for prescription?
Will it still affect with my ADHD? Does it have a tolerance?
What does XL mean?
I'm planning on snorting these bitches.
Any good combination with it?

EDIT: Well I just snorted 10mg of Ritalin quick release, didn't get too much from it, but quite a bit of stimulation and more euphoria than I expected. An hour later I snorted 20mg of the XL and was on a nice hype, very stimulated and motivated, not as much euphoria though. I'd still like the questions answered though, if any one knows the answers.


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