Smashing his backdoor with my chrome bar...

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Which sounds as gay as it is meant to sound. I find the comedy in it apt, as this is a saga of breaking and entering, and maybe you will learn a lesson.

My next door neighbour, I saw him a few times today, first time he looked like he was going to the pub, then coming back and talking to a neighbour - he looked pissed then he knocked saying he had locked himself out and did I have a crowbar.

I told him that it was at my lock up a couple of miles away and asked him why. He explained about being locked out and I could see his door was pretty fucked up already.

I thought of my bar I use for working on my truck - 2ft long chrome bar with a 1/2 drive. Got it and got at the door. Tried working that with the crow bar he allready had with my bar to open the door more - it was open from the bottom and had a dead lock at the top - it was a mahogony door with a small glass in about eye level and it was bending like mother fucker.

I looked at the dead lock and thought I could chisel it so go a chisel I use for steel working and a 3lb hammer. Got my wife to take a picture of me and the neighbour together incase he had any ideas of making it look like I broke in - also made him get his dabs all over the things I was using to get in.

I then worked the crowbar and chrome bar somemore and eventually bust the dead lock - it was a fuck on as the door opened outwards onto steep stairs.

He said he was surprised it had took me so long to do it.

Here is the lesson of the thing - I did not want to damage his door so it was totaly fucked and in bits. This is why it took so long. If you are persuing a venture where you need a door intact, if you are using force and it does not give in 15 seconds, walk away and think again.

I have opened doors in similar situations (once at work on nightshift when no one had a key to a store cupboard) and I would have done now what I did then - took at the frame with a felling axe for two blows - in the right place, it is all it takes. Otherwise I would have smashed a hole in the door.

But as I said, I did not want to smash it to pieces, I wanted to open it and for it to look as normal as possible.

DOORS: designed to be hard and keep people out.
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