Cocaine Cowboys II [2008]

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A documentary about an early '90s cocaine dealer.
Charles Cosby's life is changed forever when he writes a fan letter to the "Cocaine Godmother" Griselda Blanco, who is serving time in a federal prison. Six months later, Cosby is a multi-millionaire, Blanco's lover, and the head of her $40 million a year cocaine business. Also known as "The Black Widow" for her propensity to permanently dispose of her men when she's done with them, Blanco stops at nothing to ensure that Charles is faithful. Cosby soon learns he's in way over his head.

I liked the first 'Cocaine Cowboys' much more. The second one focuses on one person, Charles Cosby, and does not address what was happening with the rest of the drug trade during that time. Luckily, Charles Cosby has some extremely fascinating stories.


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    the first one was the shit. Went into great detail about drug

    smuggling and murders. I never of a part II until today :thumbsup:

    I have to check it out
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