Grey Space; pornographic sci-fi [Published]

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Grey Space; Chapter 1;

I keyed the door to Api's quarters, I didn't really need to use my Captains key, the door has always been unlocked from the first day she came aboard. The pleasant smell of sleeping Topa filled the room, a little like warm wine and sweat. I could see Api sleeping in her little nest, curled up into a furry ball, long toes wrapped around her head, and the spiricules beneath her ears opening and closing with her breathing. This would be the last time for this particular pleasure, and I intended to to make it last.

I moved quietly and settled down beside her, softly stroking the fur on her back, feeling the nerve dendrites try to cling a little to my hand. Two toes first twitched, then slowly rose to reveal one eye, and then another smaller one. The smaller eye opened and darted back and forth a bit, finally coming to rest on me, then the larger one opened and regarded me as well. I continued stroking her soft back fur as she came awake. I ran two fingers down her spinal ridge, slowly enough for a few of the larger dendrites attach to my fingers for a moment, the tingling sensation transmitted by them had the usual effect and I could feel my cock begin to take notice.

Api slowly uncurled her remaining toes from around her head and crossed them beneath her chin, “Hello Captain Jim, are you ready yet?”. I could hear the soft low buzzing that Topa use to communicate with non Topa, and sometimes with each other when they are angry enough. My transchip was good enough that I could feel the urgency in her voice, and as she raised her head to look at me with both her friendeyes, I reminded myself again that this was the last time. Api's enemyeyes darted about for a moment, then closed. I reached out and stroked the fur on her face a little, moving slowly down the central ridge and playing a little with the whiskers on either side of her mouth. I saw a picture of some old Earth creature called a “rabbit” once, and a Topa shares several characteristics, but I will get into that later, the jolt of sensation I received as her whiskers curled around my fingers had the First Mate digging into my beltline.

“No, my love, our union will be complete soon, but I need to find a proper nest once we dock, and make arrangements for the ship to be in your name while I am completely yours. I need you, like I need the air I breathe and our ultimate union will be wonderful and lasting”

“Do you want the communication, and to stretch me again?”

“Yes, my love, the pleasure this gives me is a joy, and I will bear our offspring again and again”

Api moved her curved and softly furred rump towards me, and I let my hand rest for a while above her small tail. I immediately felt the nerves Topa use to communicate with each other attach to my hand, and my brain lit up with pleasure. I was endowed by whatever creators may exist, with a good sized cock, and my other hand was busy freeing it from my pant's. I had wanted this to last for a while, but as the Topa's attempts to communicate with my nervous system began to tickle my brains pleasure receptors, I had to control myself not to start cumming at my own touch. A Topa has no vagina, but the anus, located in the classic “just below the tail” position, is adequate. Many who mate with Topa do it strictly through touch, I honestly think they're missing out.

I stroked my cock a little as my brain adjusted to the influx of pleasure. One hand was now fully wrapped in the nerve dendrites extending from Api's back, my other unwillingly left my cock and found Api's anus. First one finger, then two, the natural lubricants started to flow, the smell of her juices was like gono berry orchards in spring, and as usual I had to remind myself that there were no sidiflies around to ruin the moment.

I put my cock against her and rubbed it in the soft fur between her leg and her ass, if there were nerve dendrites there I would have probably had a heart attack, allowing a Topa direct access to the pleasure centres of ones brain is dangerous, people have died, happy, but still dead. I pushed into Api slowly.

“Stretches, stretches so much, slow, give me other hand.”. I knew this was the last time so instead of putting my hand beside my other one, I put it on the side of her face, something I had been warned against as well.

“No!, just on back”, Api cried out. Topa are very protective of their mates, but a Topa also responds to the empathic messages received through the dendrite connections, and I was all about horny reckless abandon. I pushed in further and her whiskers curled around my fingertips, and as I buried myself deep inside her I knew I had made a mistake. My brain exploded in pleasure, an eternity passed in ecstasy as I slowly pulled out and thrust in again. I felt Api nip at my fingertips, blood flowed as she tried to shake my hand off, but her body responded to the pleasure I was feeling and I saw my hand on her head encased in the blue nerve strands Topa use only among family. I was thrusting hard, my body felt like an electric arc between my two hands, with my cock only a minor player.

“Owww, nggggh, push it hard, fuck me Captain Jim, fuck it hard”, something had happened and I almost stopped, but the sensation was so strong I came, one long seemingly endless orgasm. Api was cumming too, something she had never done before, as I looked down at her back all her nerve dendrites were erect and waving. I laid down forward and let them touch my chest.

Oh my god!

When I awoke, I was in the infirmary, or what passes for it on The Johnson, a coffin like affair I usually use to recover from whatever type of hangover I am experiencing at the time. Looking up at the readouts I was surprised to see that I had no pulse or respiration when I was put in it. Api was looking at me with her friendeyes, while her enemyeyes darted constantly back and forth, an sign of extreme agitation in Topa.

“You not gonna do anyone no good dead Captain Jim, my babies need you! Why you touch face while communicating? Eh? That what you feel when we communicate and you stretch me? Wow, fucking damn good, we do that lots, maybe get you metal heart so you can stand it, but first..”. Api was standing on the side of the infirmary coffin, her short forelimbs resting on the edge. She stood up on her toes and displayed the four lumps on her belly, one moved a little as she stroked it a bit with her paw.

“You rest up Captain Jim, I handle docking and procedure, get you up when captain code needed, you need your strength”

I did feel like hell, I guess being fucked to death can do that to a person. So let me reflect on my association with Api, and the Topa, and why you will like me significantly less as this story progresses.

The Topa; Its is not hard to mate a Topa, and many do, the avenues to sexual pleasure with a Topa female are regarded as one of the finer things the universe has to offer. All you really need to qualify is a compatible genome, and a decent job. Mating with a Topa has many benefits outside of the bedroom as well. Most notably, access to the Topa trade circle, good service for your ship on Topa influenced worlds, and lets not forget that Topa females make excellent crew as they can absorb knowledge like a sponge. Using their extendable nerve dendrites, once you equip your ship with an appropriate interface, a Topa can fill the place of three other crew, and that really, really saves money. Once mated with a Topa female, you will have her as your constant companion. She will kill for you, need be, and do anything in her power to help you succeed in your ventures and make you happy.

A Topa female is very empathic, more so when you establish a nerve to nerve connection with her. She will feel, to a limited extent, what you feel. Many lonely males make partnerships with Topa females and experience a level of joy they have never experienced before. Topa do not care what other members of your race think about your looks, we are all equally ugly to them, and many take advantage of this. The suicide rate for those rejected by Topa is quite high.

One of the reasons Topa females are so willing to ally with just about anyone from anywhere has to do with the Topa males. Topa males live in palaces, and could kill a Topa female, walk down the street, have breakfast, and kill another before noon, and nobody would care. The ten percent of the Topa that are born male can choose who they want to breed with, and generally act like they own the place, which they don't. Topa society is a matriarchy of the highest order. Topa males never leave the planet, why would they? The urge to develop interstellar travel among Topa females was a driving force in bootstrapping a moderately advanced race into an interstellar player, in half the time it takes most races. Once it was apparent other races were suitable as mates, who could blame them?

So, given this, why are only the ugly, unloved, desperate, or in my case entrepreneurial, lining up at the Topa consolate looking for mates? Well there is the mortality rate, for one. About fifty percent of the exogenous males mated to Topa females don't survive the breeding process, and I'm not talking about the sex. Topa young are parasitic organisms that feed off the host, topa males have no problem with this, they weigh about seven hundred pounds, and can feed two or three clutches of young at once. The young make them temporarily subservient to the females wishes, or at least docile, and this is a good thing as they need to be fed constantly, and going on killing sprees might tire them out.

Few outsiders have ever been to the Topa homeworld, fewer have survived. How they communicate across distances is largely a mystery, as the buzzing and clicking sounds they make with their teeth are used only when angry at another Topa. Another mystery is how they continue to survive despite having no genetic mixing with their mates. Most who deal with the Topa do so on a cash basis, and leave the questions to those well intentioned few who insist on seeing the homeworld. Those granted access by the matriarchy usually return with big smiles and no brains

I needed money three years ago, I needed a lot of money. I don't know if you can relate, but if you have ever had your hands broken by someone, it is a lesson in pain, and not the good kind. The Topa Matriarchy was kind enough to assume my debt, give me a new ship, on credit, and send me on my way with Api. Apparently, I have a very robust physiology, and if I survive Api's young, further riches are to be had. The contract I have is binding in most civilized parts of the galaxy, and the penalty for breaking it is death at the hands of the Topa . Fuck that, I didn't get into the shit I was in by being someones bitch. I am so sick of making lovey dovey mated for life talk with Api that I could puke on each wretched word as it comes from my mouth. Thats right, I'm an asshole, get used to it.

I got up from the infirmary coffin in time to hear the docking bells chime, one for contact, two for air, and three for safe passage. Api was at the helm, the blue dendrites that had almost killed me were wrapped around the nasty looking bit of pseudoflesh that let her interface with the ship. Even though it was not my ship I still hated that bit of biotech. The Human reach, as small as it is, forbids such things, and looking at the mechanical arm hanging down, with it's fleshy polyp hanging behind Api's head, I remember why. My father died in the maker wars, and having biotech anywhere near me gives me the creeps.

“You are doing well!, most humans would need a day or two, the Matriarchy chose well”, again I could hear the buzz and thrum of her teeth vibrating together as the transchip did it's job.

“Yeah, lets get downside and find somewhere nice”, I replied. I was a little apprehensive about what was to come, and Api picked up on it right away.

“Don't worry, Captain Jim, you are rated to the seventy percent to survive, and I know you will”

“I know I will too sweetie, and our first clutch will only be surpassed by our second”

“I will tend you well, I can still feel your worry, we still have time for some quick communication if you would like?”

I looked into Api's big green friendeyes, and felt something melt a little inside of me. I froze it up again, solid as ice.

“No, we can do that one more time before we reach fullness, lets leave this ship behind, when we board it again our brood can do the cleaning”

I said goodbye to The Johnson, it was a damn good ship, and had made me more money than the Matriarchy could ever suspect. We hit the airlock, and made for the transship. We had no cargo, and nothing to declare, everything was fast and easy.

I saw the man I had made an arrangement with before he even saw us on the transship, I knew him as soon as I saw him even though he had a different face, something about his body language gave him away as he walked towards us. I met his eyes when he did see us though, and as cold as I am, I was suddenly much colder.

And that ends chapter 1, Stay tuned.

“cooking is easy, writing is fucking hard”

Notes; I wanted to make it very clear that I am writing sci-fi porn, hence the first bit. The annoying part is that as I was writing it the characters started to develop a bit and I decided they needed background, and well, once you have background a story tends to pop up. Further writing will be very explicit and pornographic, but shit Captain Jim and Api have legs now, and what was supposed to be “Captain Jim fucking his way across the universe”, may have much more content than intended.
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