From mouth, to out

PsychoDelicPsychoDelic Regular
edited June 2011 in Life
I think therefore I am
I drink therefore I slam
pills into my throat
to sink in a moat
before I drop my drjawbridge
to engulf and swallow a lot of
these gelcapped armoured soldiers
sneaking in to steal my sober
except of course this
impenetrable fortress
is swarmed with
bashing and breaking
the blood brain barrier
however, forever
the substaince carrier
is long gone
escaping through the dungeons
past my sharp ribs
after the heartless
cave, now in the dark pits
I gave them light to escape with-ish
but really I was just trying to take this shit
wait, let me explain
this is me taking
mass pills
into my body
which is the castle
I'm just about
to shit it out
my arsehole
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