Name a Celebrity that you would like to live happily ever after

dr rockerdr rocker Regular
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Seriously, think about it. You see some of these people in the public eye who’s lives have been exposed for the world to see just because they posses a certain talent. They can sing, or can act, or are very chatty and people find it easy to talk to them, they seem to have money but are not happy an are bent on a path of self destruction.

I would choose Courtney Love. Sure, she seems nuts as fuck; however, she is as only as nuts as the size of the stage that she is allowed to play on. I think she would be much happier as a pig farmer, raising animals somewhere remote. The time it would take for her so look after them would occupy her and the thought and planning would occupy her mind.

She might not make a lot (or any) money, but even if she lived a less than frugal life, she could write a book to get money.

Who does totse think deserves a fresh start?


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