Farewell old totse.com password.

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I just changed my password here, in accordance with the advice given in the notice. The password was given to me on the old totse.com, and this was the last place I was using it unmodified. I still use it as the base for most of my passwords. The letter substitution I use is pretty arcane, a key related to both a memorized 6 digit number, and the name of the site, so my passwords are different for every site, but I can still figure it out even if I have not been on a site for a long time. Once transformed by the key it appears very random, and I think the method is pretty safe.

But I will miss my old totse.com password.
so long, and thanks for all the lulz.

Does anyone else use their old totse.info password or a variation for this site or others?

"if anyone wants to try to figure out my new one, the keys are; totse.info, hyaULC, and the day I first got laid, in cases where a result greater than 26 occurs, (number - 26) is used, have fun."


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    I wasn't a member on Totse.com, but I wouldn't have used the same password for both sites anyway. As a general rule, I try to keep all of my passwords different for security reasons. If they've got one password, they've got 'em all!
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    You sheep.
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    I still use my totse.com generated password. Fuck changing it I don't follow suggestions. That password was given to me for a reason.
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    You're right, Hollister Guy. Who are we to throw our original passwords back into the face of destiny?
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