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I guess I'll start things off.

Ok first of all I'm a firm believer in Jungle Juice. Cheap alcohol + cheap soda + cheap instant drink powder = Drunk, Crazy and Willing Girls...what's not to love(besides emotional drunk girls but pretend I didn't say that).
There are four things you need to make a good jungle juice:
A Sports drink style cooler
*bonus if you get the cup dispenser*

Soda(The best is Sprite because it's clear and other flavors mix well with lemon/lime)

Cheap Booze lol(I usually use vodka because the hangover isn't as bad)

and Kool-Aid or another instant drink powder

I usually mix these in a Ratio of 2:2:2
Soda to booze to Instant Drink Mix(Plus water to make the instant drink obviously...)

First add one container of instant drink mix to the cooler and fill it up with water to taste(it should be pretty strong since your diluting it down with the booze and soda)
Next add all the soda and the liquor
Mix it with a large spoon but mix it slowly so you don't lose the carbonation from the soda(it helps get you drunk faster)
Once you've mixed it well taste it and add more instant drink mix to get the taste you'd like.
After you've got the taste to your liking fill the rest of the cooler with ice and screw the lid on.
*Side note: This is a pretty good ratio for some strong jungle juice, but if you want to kick it up a notch you can add everclear to go for blackout*

Personal Addendum: I like to add a couple of five hour energy shots to jungle juice, as a tribute to Four Loko.

Boomslang's Pink Panty Dropper Hooch:
2 Liter Bottle of Sprite: x2
1.75 Liter Bottle of Banker's Club Vodka: x2
18oz CountryTime Pink Lemonade: x2
Follow the above instructions


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    That sounds pretty awesome, I love mixing drinks up and either giving them out or having them myself at parties. I like to use Vodka too, just because it goes with basically everything. Superchilled vodka (in the freezer), mix it with something fruity and maybe a bit of energy drink in there as well for the buzz. I need to get myself one of those sports-style coolers.
  • BoomslangBoomslang Acolyte
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    Yea man vodka's good because it doesn't cause as bad as a hangover because it's clear, and the hangover from jungle juice being so sugary is already bad enough.
    and the coolers are awesome we use them at my frat all the time. I got one for around $20 at Walmart.
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    LOL 2:2:2=1:1:1

    But seriously jungle juice is bomb as fuck with fresh pineapple and slices of lime in it.
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    Wouldn't 2:2:2 just be 1:1:1 but with twice the amount in it? I know it's not mathematically correct but it makes sense.
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    ehh whatever, I made it like that because I was thinking about how I make it 2 of each, but yes it's a 1:1:1 ratio. :facepalm:
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    Google carribou lou for a good panty dropper
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    so this party is on a yacht? with jungle juice?
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    lala wrote: »
    so this party is on a yacht? with jungle juice?

    Yeah i brought some little white squares of paper as well.
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