If you were a vigilante, who would you go after?

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Would you roam the dark streets and parks at night waiting for someone to try and rob you?, and enjoy the terror on their face as the hunter becomes the prey? Or maybe luring some pedo into a well planned trap would satisfy the urge to right the wrongs courts seldom deliver appropriate justice for. If you decided to throw your life away and spend the rest of your life in jail for the privilege of seeing a few assholes get what they deserve, who would be on your list?

Mine would be fake "healers", who rip off the desperate and dying. There is something about giving people false hope that really nerves me. I have little sympathy for a lot of people who are scammed, it is usually a result of their own ignorance or greed, but someone staring eye to eye with the reaper is an easy target, and I can't fault anyone for trying to dodge the inevitable, it's human nature. I would bring every bit of nasty at my disposal to the table, and hopefully leave such a large and bloody footprint that a few scammers would think twice before going after certain marks.

"yes, my family took up a collection, can you deliver the medicine when you pick up the money?, we live a little bit out of town, up in the hills"


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