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Not sure if this is the right area. Kind of a biology/chemistry question, so there might be someone here with insight into such areas. Monobenzone inhibits/destroys melanocytes, which produce melanin. Which is the stuff that turned MJ fully white, instead of just splotchy black/white.

Im curious as to if it will effect the melanocytes in hair follicles..Google won't really give me a consistent answer. Would it cause hair to depigment and grow white? Would it turn you into a ginger? Would it simply fuck up your scalps melanocytes and leave the hair cells be?


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    Vitiligo turned him white, not chemicals.

    Anyway, I think that this is a matter of whether or not the stuff actually reaches those melanocytes in the hair follicles. I think it's a matter of whether the chemical can seep down into the hair follicle or penetrate the skin to that level.
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    I've done a bit more research since posting originally.

    They use monobenzone on vitilgo patients to depigment the skin when repigmentation isn't feasible. Very much like how balding guys shave their heads when a combover can no longer suffice. A big risk with it is that it can be carried to random places around the body, and you end up with pasty white spots that sunburn easily. Eek.
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    ^ That's pretty interesting (and worrying) stuff :D Thanks for sharing your research, I was actually quite curious towards this subject.
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    Well shit, I learned something today, too.

    Given this information, he may well have undergone a procedure to depigment his skin all at once rather than allowing it to become depigmented slowly (Causing blotches of differently pigmented skin) over the course of the progression of the disease.
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