Rifle value of a modified Mauser?

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Friend of mine is selling a Mauser rifle. It's had a muzzle brake and synthetic stock fitted, and rechambered for 338 Win. mag. Trigger is VERY light. Im not sure if it's been glass bedded. Mounted with a decent($200ish) Burris scope. He claims it shoots sub-moa with his handloads, which he is throwing in about 200 rounds of. What is the approx value of something like that?


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    The majority of the value can be determined by the brand of barrel on the rifle.

    Also .338 WinMag is worth at least $1 a round, so factor that in as well.
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    im gonna say its probably worth about 700-900 dollars depending on how well everything was done usualy sporterized rifles arent worth that much as in sub 500 dollars but if its completely reworked and a really nice job the above figure is about right expecialy if it comes with the scope and ammo
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    Bury it until you need it in the zombie apocalypse next year.
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