Help me pick some psilocybe and not die

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If you flick them they bruise in a purpley/ blue colour right?

Anything else to help keep me alive


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    A lot of good info can be found on the Shroomery site.
    Another surefire way of finding psilocybin-containing mushies is if they have a nipple on the top. In that case, they are the Liberty Cap species.
    I'll look round for some more info. Consider me your personal Psilocybin guide here. I grow the fuckers practically full time.

    *waves to feds*
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    Good thread, wrong place. Get a book called "The Audobon Guide to Wild Mushrooms", they tell the straight dope about what is edible, poisonous, or psychedelic. There is no sure way to tell unless you are very well informed. I have picked a lot of shrooms for culinary purposes, but despite living in an area where shrooms of the fun variety are common, I have never found any. The best place to look is in cow pastures, one dude told me they would take a big silver tarp and walk around with it over them as they searched at night with flashlights. Jumping fences is a good way to get busted, but offers the best chance of success.

    No matter what anyone says about Amanita Muscaria and Pantera, they are a rough ass high, and I would never take them again. They are very common, and have tawny or red tops with white spots, just in case you have very low standards for getting high.

    I started looking for good shrooms when I was a kid and ended up with a long term interest in mycology, mushrooms are cool. The way they just pop up and look so different from anything around them makes me feel like I am hunting for treasure or reagents in some RPG when I go on a shrooming expedition.

    "witches hats, thought I had found the motherlode, no buzz, so sad, pretty mushrooms though"
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    C/O speaks wise words. Hate to brag but I spent 4 months researching before doing anything related to mushrooms. You can never do enough reading and research.
    Here is a picture of some Liberty Caps, but there are plenty of different species of Psilocybin-containing mushrooms growing naturally.

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    How many poisonous mushrooms are there with nipples on top?
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    Unfortunately there are some poisonous lookalikes, but further research is needed when picking. I used gloves in my first shroom adventure.
    As for OP talking about them turning blue when flicked, it's because they bruise as you bruise the poor fungi.
    I will always stick by my best suggestion of growing them yourself. If you have a dark place you can get away with it. However failing that - C/O's suggestion of books and reading are by FAR your best bet.
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