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Seems like people love to talk about the stock market or complain about having less than $20 to their name.

Heres a treat for you.

Leveraged trading is risky, its borrowing to invest.
People do it to take advantage of tax breaks - but also to multiply their returns. The risk is you do multiply your losses.

Most brokers (online stock brokers) will let you open a free account, there are offers from time to time that offer free brokerage or sign up bonuses - use them.

Once you have an account get familiar with the settlement times. A standard broker will settle the trade T+3 (day of trade + 3 days) - although if you buy AND SELL within this window they will only debit or CREDIT your account.

Making 1% on %10K is $100 - you lose a little to brokerage, but at the end of the year you can claim the brokerage on tax.

I choose 10K because thats the limit my broker allows you to buy before they ask for you to keep some level of cash in the account. Its a free 10k margin loan.

You pay no interest - you just carry some extra risk.

If you're broke and at home you can do this. Wake up before the first bell and watch the indices and pick a few key blue chips to follow - some days you wont make a trade, other days you might make 3. Some days you'll catch 4% - other days you'll break even on brokerage, or lose money.

If you put a few hundred into the account it means that your account wont go into the red if you make a bad trade.

The trend is your friend. Dont be greedy, just ride the train one litle stop.

Avoid fast moving things. %10+ daily movements are too volatile.

Get in early. Watch the opening movement and jump on - get off by midday.

Know the market. Dont read mainstream shit - read stuff like and do your own research.


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    in the end it is very hard to predict. even if you follow this advice. It is a crapshoot. Set stop losses and only invest what you know you can lose
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    Do you think you could beef this guide out a little bit, maybe add some formatting in and make it look nicer? Then I can add it into the CMS :) Until then, I'll have to remove the Guide prefix as it confuses things when it comes to adding articles onto the CMS. But like I said, beef it out a bit and I can add it in.
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    eh, short term leverage...too much work to do, predict and feel, it's not even worth the profit at the end of the day...if there is any..
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    Well if theres something people posting on totse have, its spare time and internet access.

    Fortunately thats pretty much all you need to get this one off the ground - it is alot of work to predict and feel, but if you wake up and read a few news sources you'll start to catch onto the trends.

    Time/reward probably isnt that high - and there is a risk aspect as well, but overall if you are smarter than the average bear and can catch some skills around this then you stand to profit.

    People are always talking about doing X or Y in the stock market but you really need to be playing with big numbers to make bank, this is short short short term trend riding that can help people slap a few hundred together to get things happening.
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