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So I recently got myself a kindle for my birthday and I'm amazed at how many free books are on the store. Not just old classics like Shakespeare, but there are loads of books, poems, short stories and guides that people have made themselves and "published" on there.
It got me thinking, since we have so many great guides and a brilliant section for writers, why dont we set up a totse kindle store?
Sure people could just publish stuff themselves, but if we actually got this going you would have the name of totse behind you. Rather than being joe bloggs and his poem, people would see that you were a totse user and bound to be posting something good.

Of course we would have to make sure its all our own work,but it could also prevent cocklet stealing our stuff.

Any ideas or thoughts, or am I dreaming again?


  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    Seems a pretty good idea to me. We are all about reading, knowing and doing, right? Can't see why this wouldn't work.
  • PhadrixPhadrix New Arrival
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    I find the idea not bad, but why make it a Kindle "Store"?
    A normal database with just PDF files would do aswell. Kindle could read that too.
    Oh wait, we almost got such a thing right here already - without the PDF :P
    But if one was really desperate, couldn't he convert the texts he wants to read into the desired format and then put it on hi Kindle, netbook, smartphone, whatever...?
    So it would be questionable if this "Kindle Store" is of so much use.

    Beter convert all texts to PDF (for example) and make it readable everywhere this way...

    But if TOTSE publications were available in a Kindle Store it would certainly contribute to kick the ordinary Kindle owners out of their tweed jackets - which is a sight I'd like to see. So I'd still say it's a good idea :)
  • jehsiboijehsiboi Kanga Rump Ranga
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    The only downside would be that kindle would restrict or even worse censor some of the content ... Or am I talking out of my arse again?
  • LysdexicLysdexic Regular
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    Im not to sure how well PDFs work on kindles, I read that sometimes if it has strange formatting (like charts and stuff) it looks distorted. The reason I suggested kindle is because its the worlds biggest E-reader. It would just be a case of doing a copy-pasta and saving it in the right file type and putting on the kindle store. Its also free hosting for those files.

    Its less about giving our current users access to our infomation and more about spreading the word and getting new users. We could start and end each book with "this was made with the help of X, Y, Z at" and hopefully draw in some more people.

    As for censorship, no doubt stories about kindergarten gangbangs, and how to make a bomb would not be allowed, but we could do something like a cookbook with the best of the recipes from OI, or a collection of poems, or the best of DFGs rants. Maybe try and bust open the idea that we are a bunch of stoned kiddy fiddlers who steal bleach to make bombs.
    And there is loads of erotica on the kindle store, so they can't be that harsh.
  • 1357913579 Death Cog Machine
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    I like the idea, but fuck the kindle. An FTP server of .PDF files would be perfect me thinks :)
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    This is an awesome idea! Not sure how we'd get it up and running though, as like you've said, there's bound to be some incompatibilities here and there. All of the ideas in this thread (Kindle, FTP server, etc) are good ones though, and I definitely back them all :)
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