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4-FA is the shit

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Synopsis: Cheap RC, long acting, clean stimulation, easy comedown.

Legal Status: May be considered an analog or fall under the 'bath salt' ban. May also show up on a drug test, being somewhat similar to MDMA and methamp.

Appearance: Clumpy white powder.

Tested dose ranges: 60mg and 100mg, oral

Effects: Fast hitting body high at t+30 minutes. Warm waves of stimulation and empathogenic affect. Empathogenic effects decrease around t+2 hours, and there is simply a clean, focused stimulation for around 7-11 more hours, with a gradual dropoff the next 5 hours. Similar to Adderall, but less jittery. One can actually have a 'mini-crash', take a brief nap on this, and wake up still feeling it for several more hours. Dosage difference between 100mg and 60mg was not noticeable, with the the only effect being comedown was easier. Do recommend accompanying with a tyrosine-rich diet.

Side-Effects: Cold fingers, chapped lips, gastrointestinal agitation, anxiety, lack of appetite.

Tolerance: Tolerance seems to build at a moderate pace. After 3 days, the usual 100mg dose failed to invoke empathogenic effects, but still delivered stimulation.

Notes: Seems to be a very good stim if you're needing an extra boost. Did a good job curbing social anxiety during the beginning few hours, but towards the end paranoia became a bit more evident. At around $1-$3 for an all day high, it's an economical buzz. Wouldn't be surprised if the big pharma corps tried to get the market on this chem.



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    Did you buy it marketed as a bath salt or was sold as 4-FA?

    Good post though, let us know if you try any other RCs, I'm very interested in the different ones out there.
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    It was purchased as 4-FA from an RC vendor. In bulk, ran about $13/g.

    First and foremost Im a psychonaut, and stims really aren't my bag. Purchased mostly for resale, and it's yielded a modest 400% profit margin.

    I recently found a source for RC tryptamines that can do a 'sampler pack' of like 6 different chems for a pretty reasonable price. DiPT, 4-AcO-DiPT, 4-AcO-DMT, to name a couple. Will def. do a writeup once I get a chance to test those..If you're looking for good RC info, bluelight.ru is a good place to check out. The bulk of the info is anecdotal, rather than quality empirical writeups, so take it with a grain of salt.
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    Moved to CMS from Chemical Imbalance Towers as a review :)
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