Hacking the Airzooka?

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So I saw a nifty thing.


It uses an elastic sheet to propel a bit of air through a sort of vortex, launching a focused wind around 30-40 feet. I immediately saw it, and thought of ways to beef it up.

What if one were to remove that plastic sheet, and replace it with a sub woofer? It seems that it would create waves at a much much greater velocity and frequency than the simple manually operated sheet.

Then, taking it a step further, why launch just plain air? You could load it with any sort of gas, vapour, etc.

Fill it with acetylene, launch towards a distant flame source for a kickass pyro effect. The flame source could even be an alcohol lamp, making it appear as if the flame is coming out of nowhere. You could even hook your gnarly flame thrower up to a motion-detector, and use it to incinerate niggers who want to steal your car, and assholes who refuse to not smoke around you!

Or charge the vortex chamber with smoke from your favorite flammable herb, and propel the smoke towards friends, colleagues, and Christians(even vapour if you want to be sneaky!)

Mist some chloroform into the chamber before firing, and Valentines Day will never be lonely again!

The possibilities are endless!


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    1- thinkgeek is a awesome site

    2-you have a very unique mind

    3-the world needs more people like you
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    It doesnt shoot a parcel of air it creates a wave; and waves dont work like that buddy.

    It'd get some of the original stuff in the cone across the room I guess.
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