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Consensual rape story true

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So one day I'm sitting on the couch with this chick I went to school with, we always had raging chemistry between us , we never did anything about it during our days at school except phone sex , which one time she blew the speaker on my phone as she was squirting! ( which is another story in itself).

So school had finished a year or two ago and I had broken up with my psyco gf and was single, owned a car and was ready to fuck far and wide. I start talking with this chick about all the times we flirted and phone sexed, and how now that I'm single would she want me to do to her all the things I said I would do... Without a pause she replied with " do you promise?"

Skip forward a day I have told my parents not to come home for a night , call up the chick give her my address and she's on her way. She rocks up at my joint, looking casual as she always did, reserved, quiet and cute, but her green yes told me that it was going to be a night to remember. She comes inside I get her a coke ask how she's been since schools finished and how uni's going blah blah. I chuck on me myself and Irene on the bigscreen and we hit the couch.

Before the starting credits finished we were getting it on, her clothes were off , except for her sexc see through tight lace undies.( I'm more of a g man myself but these looked fuking awsome!) her ass was so perky and tight I was loving it.
Were fuking like crazy, she knows her moaning drives me nutts so she's screaming in my ear as I'm fucking her size 6 body. As we're fuking on my L shaped couch ( which is separate couches joint together by brackets) the bracket under my arse loosens..... So as she's riding on top each thrusting motion is moving the couch piece we're on back and forth giving momentum to go deeper. Just as I'm nearing blowing , I squeeze her tight slamming her clit against my pubic region and she cums. I can feel her tensing up as she's cumming on my cock and moaning in my ear. We lye down fuking exhausted! Continuing to watch me myself and irene!

About 45 mins pass. She's got a pillow covering her chest, and iv got my head in her lap and enjoying the smell of banged pussy. We're watching the movie , and I can't remember what part it was but I made a joke about her being ugly or fat like a character in the movie.... She laughed and hit me on the head. ( for some reason I find it annoying as fuck when someone does that to me!!!!) I looked up at her and said don't hit me like that again, she laughs and does it again harder!, I sit up point my finger at her saying " don't fucking do that again I can't fuking stand getting hit in the head u bitch!" by this time she's got an angry look in her green eyes and as I'm trying to hold back my rage..... She swings her arm back.... Open palmed ...... And it took her about 2-3 seconds to swing that palm from behind her straight against my face! Now I'm fuking raging tossing up between kicking her in the face or punching her in the mouth! Instead I pick her up, slam her into the other end of the couch, while pinning her head down on the couch by the hair I hold her hips down as she fights to punch me in the chest while she's telling me to fuck off!! I manage to ge my cock in her by pinning her legs against my chest and her titts. As I'm fuking her she's screaming like crazy " fuck you! Fucking cunt!" half in pleasure and half in pain, all the while I'm thrusting as deep as I can go. As I begin cumming she breaks free her legs wrapped them around me and squeezes hard as she rides be from below as she cums.

As we sat afterwards, we didn't talk about what happened.... I don't know why but even till today we havnt talked about it.

I wrote this while at work on my phone so scuse the grammer. Iv had a hand full of fucks with this girl and each time she has blown my mind! Might put up another soon.

Cheers , Jacked


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    I nearly jacked to this, if you intended to give me a boner, you did a fine job of doing it. I wish I could see her face.
  • JackedJacked Regular
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    There's plenty more encounters where that came from. She's a splitting image of Taylor swift with bright green eyes and 150cm weighing 50kg if that!! And she's got a brain!
  • jehsiboijehsiboi Kanga Rump Ranga
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    Jacked wrote:
    There's plenty more encounters where that came from. She's a splitting image of Taylor swift with bright green eyes and 150cm weighing 50kg if that!! And she's got a brain!

    Pics or it didn't happen ...SRSLY
  • DfgDfg Admin
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    jehsiboi wrote: »
    Pics or it didn't happen ...SRSLY

    Even a mockup hand drawn image would do.
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    i have a story to tell too..i'll create my own thread titled: Restrained "Rape"
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