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Sup players.

You clicked here because you believe that it is a god given right to pluck a creature from the sea and eat it.
And you want to know how to find the biggest tastiest creatures am I right?

Lets rap about it.

I have a spearfishing rig (1.2m gun with 2 heads - a 3 stabber prong and standard maki point) and a telescopic fishing rod that can handle about 5kg worth of fish.

Spearfishing is fucking badcore and as long as you can manage to aim correctly you caught a fish. No real tips there beyond common sense.

As an Australian we have a whole lot of great esturary fishing to do; my biggest tip would be to seek the habitat. Big fish hang out in water with some depth around reeds, jetties and other coverings - and use local bait. I cannot stress local bait enough. Putting a bug from nearby on my hook is 10x more effective than some greasy prawn.


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    While I enjoy fresh water fishing, mostly perch, walleye, and bass, I have have not been fishing in a coons age. We used to go to the French River up in Canada every year when I was a kid and I live just about 30 miles from Lake Erie. But in order to to the really good fishing on Lake Erie requires a boat so you can get out between some of the islands where the walleye run the deep channels.
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    Man I fucking love my fishing. I go about 3-4 times a week, sometimes more.

    I've got about $1500 of fishing equipment, yes I am a tackle whore. Now that it's heating up here in Summer, my mind turns to three key fish: sharks, trevally and mangrove jack! I'll update this thread with pics next time I catch something decent.

    Also, I might write up a guide or two of how to clean and fillet fish?
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    That guide sounds like a good idea to me :thumbsup: it's been ages since I enjoyed a quiet day with my tackle out (pun). My dad got all his stuff stolen when I was a kid and that's what actually got me into fishing, seeing as our garage was literally cleared out.

    I love the mornings when you get there just before sunrise and mist comes off the water, and you just chill, sipping on your coffee/soup and watch the float.

    I need to stop reminiscing. Really getting twitchy to fish :(
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    Damn I totally misread the title of this thread till I realised it wasn't in the flesh forum hahaha

    I fly fish. Nothing like a day on the river with just a pair of waders, a rod, couple of reels, Landing net, hat full of flies and a priest in my pocket.
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    Burn wrote: »

    I went scuba diving in the whitsundays and Fuarrrrrrrk the giant trevally there scared the shit out of me. You'd need some heavy game to pull that out of the water; they're fast as well.
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    Yeah mate, I fucking love GTs. Never been out to the reefs to catch a 50kg one, but a spot I fish in the local river system gets the odd one up to about 15kg, which is a fair wack of fish when it's darting in between rocks on 20lb braid.

    I love using surface lures for them...

    *pop, pop, pop* *SMASH* "zinngggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg"
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