Pot Brownies Save Autistic Boy: Mom Says "Marijuana Saved My Son's Life" — Totseans

Pot Brownies Save Autistic Boy: Mom Says "Marijuana Saved My Son's Life"

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Legalize it for fuck sakes


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    There seems to be a whole lot more autism in the world these days.

    I dont know if i prefer it to narcissism or not.

    Either way winners dont do drugs.
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    There is a theory going around that the immunizations that they are giving kids at young ages is the cause. I'm not saying its right or wrong but its a theory.
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    Yeah I've heard that.

    But theres many many things that we are doing these days that havent been done before. And its everything.
    Food, Medicine, Chemicals, technology - all the boxes are ticked.

    Correlation does not imply causality; I dont know if the true rates of autism are actually higher or if its just more prominently discussed but good luck finding what causes it.

    My bet is that it'll be like with cancer; several thousand things that increase your percentage by a few slim points.

    Just remember that agent orange wasnt considered that dangerous when they first dropped it. I am pretty confident that im going to get some sort of mobile phone shaped growth on my ear before im 55.
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    it could be the explosion in population, the more babies born, the more there will be with autism.
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    It doesnt matter what the sample size is; if the prevalence remains the same then there wouldnt be 'extra' autistic people, just the same amount per capita as always.

    Its probably the same as the ADD explosion; an increase in diagnosis - but i cant be bothered to research autism.
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