I ate food so hot it blistered my palate

fagfag Regular
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So I nuke some chickpeas and cheese. Can't wait for it to cool all the way, so I start to devour.

But then..I notice a weird feeling on the roof of my mouth. Feels like I have some of the skin off one of the beans stuck to the roof of my mouth. I agitate it with my tongue. It isn't bean skin. It is in fact, seared palate flesh. Blood begins to drip from my mouth. Fuck. :hai:


  • SpinsterSpinster Regular
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    thats always fun lol love how the micro wave super heats food. didja know that it can heat water well over its boiling point to the point where if you put a tea spoon of sugar or something to drink a hot beverage with, it will instantly start boiling! spraying water everywhere!
  • SHANE14SHANE14 Regular
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    haha I hate microwaves. Good stoned times scorching my mouth on magma hot desserts but I never fucking blistered my mouth
  • fagfag Regular
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    Yeah, was pretty horrid. It's almost healed now. But there is just no comparing the deluge of flavor that happens when your food is consumed as plasma.
  • chippychippy <b style="color:pink;">Global Moderator</b>
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    How did you not burn your tongue?
  • Darth BeaverDarth Beaver Meine Ehre heißt Treue
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    ^i dunno, I think he should recreate it with live video or it didn't happen.
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